Game Day Recipe Round-Up!

by spiceaholic on January 28, 2015


One of the problems with me not really being into sports is that anything big like say the World Cup, the Olympics, or the Super Bowl always sneaks up on me and then it’s here before I know it.  So it shouldn’t be a surprise that it completely slipped my mind that the Super Bowl is this weekend.  Oopsies.

Of course you do realize it’s only an excuse for me to make snacks and watch the commercials, right?

But luckily for you and me, I don’t need to reinvent the wheel, I have some great recipes from my archives to raid!


Something spicy:

Spicy Jerk Baked Sweet Potato Chips with Cooling Yogurt Dip

Spicy Southwestern Yogurt Dip Trio

Cheesy Chorizo Waffle Fry Nachos

Super Spicy Super Bowl Wings

Buffalo Chicken Dip



Something sweet:

Nutella Cocoa Crispy Rice Treats

Chocolate Chip Cookie Crack Bars

Easy Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

Mini Nutella Swirls



A New Normal

by spiceaholic on January 13, 2015

A very belated Happy New Year to all of you!

I meant to write sooner, but would you believe I threw out my back on New Year’s Eve and spent the next few days resting up?  I even had to cancel my New Year’s lunch party that I’ve done the past few years!

Luckily I’m feeling much better now and am not squealing in pain every time I stand up or sit down.

Which is good, because last week I started a new phase in my life: student!

Remember my announcement here that I was going for a career change and going back to school?  I was both excited and nervous about being a student again, and soon enough my first day of classes was here.

(Side note — I never did really make much of a dent in all my projects I was planning on tackling! I’ll keep chugging away at them bit by bit.)

I’m taking 3 classes this semester: a general chem 1 class, a nutrition class, and a world cuisines and cultures class.  I’m especially excited about the last one, it is SO my dream class. I’m just taking a few things to explore some options for grad school programs/future career plans.

So in the meantime, after a nice couple months of much-needed relaxation, it’s time for me to get settled in to a new routine.   I promise I’ll be back to posting soon — I’m working on another post with Red Gold Tomatoes and have some fun stuff with Stonyfield Organic coming up.

Oh and I’m so not missing getting ready for tax season!



Don’t Be a Jerk Spicy Baked Sweet Potato Chips + Cooling Yogurt Dip

December 31, 2014

I’ve been going through a potato chip phase lately.  Usually my chips cravings tend towards the nacho cheese tortilla chip spectrum (the store-brand generic ones have MUCH more flavor!), but for the past few months, potato chips have captured my tastebuds. Jalapeno kettle chips, dill pickle flavored chips, Limon (like a spicy tangy lime), cheddar […]

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Gingersnap Smoothie

December 8, 2014

So when you see “Gingersnap Smoothie,” you are probably already thinking this one of those decadent “smoothies” that is one blurred line away from really being a dessert.  Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but you’re wrong!  As smoothies go, this one has plenty of redeeming nutritional qualities: you get calcium and vitamin D in […]

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Trip Tease — Soufriere, St. Lucia

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In case you couldn’t tell from my Facebook/Twitter/Instagram activity last week, we were in St. Lucia belatedly celebrating our 10th anniversary! We stayed at the Fond Doux Resort &Plantation in Soufrière, St. Lucia and saw some sights and had lots of tasty bites during our stay. I’ve uploaded most of the pics I took and plan […]

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You won’t believe how easy it is to make these cute mini pumpkin cheesecakes – they even come with their own gingersnap cookie crusts! This is a variation of the Raspberry Lemon Mini Cheesecakes with Gingersnap Crust that I posted a few years ago. The original version is pretty darn good, but this pumpkin version […]

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Well, well, well, so we meet again. It’s been a crazy and interesting past few months for me.  Let me give you the quick catch-up version. After thinking about it on and off the last 5 years or so, I finally decided enough was enough and it was long past overdue for a career change. […]

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Daily Bites – 7/15/14

July 15, 2014

Okay, so staying up past midnight to finish binge-watching season 2 of Hemlock Grove on Netflix was a baaaaad idea. I realized this as soon as I tried to get up this morning. I’m definitely officially old. Today I was supposed to work out of our Cartersville office.  Unless I’m planning to be there quite […]

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Daily Bites – 7/14/14

July 14, 2014

So.  It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Let’s just leave it at that. I’d like to say that I’ve been keeping up with the healthy eating and exercising, but that is so not the truth. It seems like quite a few people I know have been able to find something that works for them and […]

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