A perfect afternoon

by spiceaholic on November 7, 2009

Can I just say how in love I am with the weather we had today?  It was such a perfect fall afternoon!


It all started off with lunch with the girls at Cafe Bombay, which none of us had been to in a long time.   During the day they do a lunch buffet and at night they have a room that turns into a hookah lounge.  The selection at lunch is always great — not a fan of the price hike though!

I have to confess that I forgot to take a picture of my first round, but luckily the second round was pretty much the same thing.


Starting from the top left and going counter-clockwise:  the ubiquitous tandoori chicken and naan,  chicken malai kofta (it was marinated in cream and yogurt and then grilled),  salad, chicken biryani, aloo gobi, and some mixed vegetable pickles.  I’m still full from lunch.

After lunch we waddled our way down to the other end of the strip mall to Texas Sari Sapne, which sells Indian clothing.  I was trying to find something for Eid-al-Adha, which this year falls during Thanksgiving weekend and which we’re spending with my family in Wichita, KS.   They had some good sales and I saw some absolutely beautiful salwar kameez outfits, but unfortunately they were either a) too pricey, b) too small a size, or c) both a and b.

No matter though, since we were going to check out one of my tried-and-true places to buy Indian clothes here in Atlanta — Mirage Sarees.  That whole part of Decatur is chockablock full of clothing stores, grocery stores, and restaurants.  As usual, Mirage didn’t disappoint me.  We managed to get one of the store clerks to show us some of the “fancy” outfits and I found one that I loved, that fit, and that didn’t bankrupt me.  And of course they gave a “discount” when I paid.  They have signs saying they don’t do discounts, that everything is fixed-price and no haggling, but I’ve always found they’ll go down a little bit when you go pay.  I’m sure I could have haggled if I wanted, but I felt the price was good.

After all that shopping we needed a treat.  We’d passed by a Jake’s Ice Cream on the way to Mirage and we decided to stop there on the way back.  We don’t have any near my part of town, so I definitely wanted to see what they had, since the line-up is different every time.  After some sampling, I decided on the Key Lime Piescream.


I usually don’t get a cone, but we all decided to get waffle cones this time.  And two of us got treated!  Thanks, Angela! 🙂 The ice cream was just the right thing.  I usually love chocolate and all variations, but I was still full from lunch and wanted something light-ish.  I’ve really become fond of citrus-flavored desserts lately and the Key Lime sounded exactly right.

Since it was such a gorgeous day outside, we decided to try to find a park to sit outside in and hang out.   Since we were near the Emory University campus, we ended up finding a great little park to hang out in.  We just sat around and talked and talked and talked for the longest time.  I definitely want to come back and explore the park properly next time.


And that was that!  It’s supposed to be even better tomorrow, so hopefully I get to enjoy it as much as I did today.

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