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by spiceaholic on October 28, 2007

Well, it’s technically food related, no?

Today at the tender age of 27, I finally carved and gutted my first jack o’ lantern.

A friend of mine had a pumpkin-carving party/chili cook-off/”guac”-off this afternoon. I wussed out and didn’t make any chili or guacamole, but I did bring a huge ass pumpkin to carve.

I’m sure left to my own devices, I could have come up with a simple yet diabolic looking pumpkin, but since I’d never done this before and wasn’t feeling that creative today, I opted for one of the simpler patterns that came with this pumpkin carving kit we had at the party.

It’s supposed to be a bat. The pattern was called “Fatty Batty,” and looked very cute and not scary at all. I don’t know what the hell I did to the pattern, but here it is, my first attempt! We decided to stick flashlights inside to see what our creations would look like lit up from within.

I like it. It’s cute in a lopsided, goofy kind of way.

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