Buckling down!

by spiceaholic on May 4, 2011

Oh boy did I eat this past week!  We were first in Florida to visit Mr. Spice’s parents, then we were in Kansas for a friend’s wedding and to see my parents.  Lots and lots of good eats were had, and I know the scale is showing it!

After chowing down on lots of home-cooked Bengali food, eating out at restaurants, and seemingly round-the-clock snacking, Mr. Spice and I were looking forward to some lighter fare once we returned home.  It’s to the point where Mr. Spice has willingly eaten salad 3 times in the past 4 days.  This is the man who doesn’t like “anything green.”  I’m not complaining, it makes things easy on me!

I had been thinking about doing phase 1 of the South Beach Diet anyway as a way to jump-start the healthy eating routine again, but stepping on the scale after our week off clinched matters for me.  Whatever I’d managed to lose since January was back, plus a bit more.  *sigh*

So just because I need to buckle down does NOT mean I have to eat things I don’t like.  The challenges I face no matter what are being prepared, boredom, and feeling deprived.  I’m hoping to take it one meal at a time and not get too daunted by the initial 2 weeks.

Here goes:

Camera Roll-794

MorningStar Farms hot & spicy veggie sausage patties, Kraft 2% pepperjack, and hot sauce.  All the yummy parts of my favorite breakfast sandwich!  I let myself have 2 patties since I wasn’t having the bread.

Camera Roll-795

I’m going to have to figure out a way to like salad . . .  this one had leftover mojo-flavored rotisserie chicken (from Publix) over green-leaf lettuce, with some Bolthouse Farms Caesar Parmigiano Creamy Yogurt dressing.

Camera Roll-796

Some sugar-free cherry Jello for a little something sweet after lunch.

Fage 0% Greek yogurt with some sugar-free blackberry jelly to mix in.

My new favorite snack — pepperjack cheese stick with some grape tomatoes.  I pair a bite of cheese with a tomato — it’s soo good!

A couple eggs fried in olive oil over fat-free refried beans, some cheese, salsa, and broccoli on the side.  Very filling! I love the eggs over beans.

I found some five-alarm chili flavored peanuts when I was stocking up on groceries and thought these would make a good alternative to chips when I get that salty snacky feeling.  I think I’ll have to be careful with these though, Mr. Spice and I both liked these and went a little crazy.

I’ll be sure to post any recipes I try out over the next couple weeks.  And I’ll definitely post about some of the food we ate while we were in Kansas — it’s almost a confession of sorts! 🙂

See you soon!

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