DC Food Gluttony Re-cap – Part 2

by spiceaholic on June 10, 2009

So when we last left off, we’d kicked off our food gluttony weekend pretty well.

Friday was the only day we didn’t have plans with all our family, so we Three Musketeers decided to spend the day at the Smithsonian. I hadn’t been there in ages and neither had Mr. Spice, so we were really excited about it.

Our hotel was chosen for two main reasons, other than price: it was close to a Metro station and it was close to my sister’s apartment. This made coordinating plans pretty easy.

But before we could start, we had to have a nice big breakfast to fuel our day. Oh what a perfect breakfast it was! We headed over to my sister’s apartment where she had breakfast ready to go for us: blueberry pancakes, fresh macerated raspberries and blueberries, hash browns, sausage, and orange juice.

Trust me, this was as yummy as it looks.

This absolutely filling and delicious breakfast filled us up and lasted us for quite a few hours as we explored the natural history museum and Sackler gallery. Only afterward did we succumb to hunger and have some hot pretzels while hiding from the drizzle.

I’m very ashamed to say that dinner was wolfed down and escaped the camera. We took advantage of the Delivery Doctor service to have some great sandwiches delivered from Tarbouch, a Middle Eastern restaurant. I was of course waffling between five billion choices and in the end decided on the tried and true chicken shwarma sandwich which came with a very garlicky sauce. I took bites of my sister’s chicken tabbouleh sandwich and Mr. Spice’s sandwich which I can’t remember the name of but contained beef and lamb sausage. Both were good, but I liked mine the best.

For dessert we got to snack on some fresh chocolate chip cookies that were being made for the next night’s dinner at my aunt’s house. So so good. The recipe has been sworn to secrecy, but I will be making these at some point.

Stay tuned for the Saturday and Sunday recaps!

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