Dinner for One

by spiceaholic on May 19, 2008

With the hubby being out of town, I thought I would finally get to experiment and make recipes I’d been eyeing or finally buckle down and be a good little weight watcher.

No and no.

Even after going on a “healthy” grocery shopping spree after dropping the hubby off at the airport I still found ways to conveniently be too tired to cook dinner and pack a lunch.

We’ll just say Wendy and I became good friends over the past few days.

So today, faced with the prospect of a good flank steak about to go bad, I decided enough was enough and damnit I was going to cook a nice healthy dinner for myself.

Et voila, a beef stir-fry was created.

It’s nothing fancy, just sliced up some flank steak and marinated it in soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic, ginger, chili paste, lime juice, and green onion for a few minutes and then stir-fried it with some vegetables. Easy peasy AND I had enough for dinner, tomorrow’s lunch, and dinner tomorrow night.

I hope Wendy doesn’t miss me too much.

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