Food Truck Invasion!

by spiceaholic on November 14, 2011

Look what invaded a neighboring office complex today!


Food trucks!

I posted earlier this summer about the fledgling food truck scene in Atlanta.  Since then, there’s been a definite concerted effort to promote them via social media.  I’d see tweets about food trucks making appearances throughout the city and get excited that they were making the rounds.  But logistics and laziness often prevented me from seeking them out.

Until we got an email alerting us to their presence at lunch today.

Oh hell yeah I was going.

Mr. Spice couldn’t make it, so I ended up going with a coworker instead.  We decided to head down right when they got there to avoid the crowds, which was mighty smart on our part, if I may say so.

Of course I had to turn food-blog-nerd as soon as we got there and started taking pictures — I brought my camera to work today in anticipation of the food trucks.


Hot dogs! I think these are going to be the new thing in Atlanta . . .



Remember the lime fries from this place?  I do!  Too bad I didn’t get to have them today.



I loved the graphics on this truck!





I’ve been wanting to try arepas for some time now, so when I saw the wacky pic truck had them, it was an easy decision.


I got the beef and cheddar arepa.  There’s no way I could eat this without a fork, I’m a messy eater anyway and this is just asking for trouble with all that shredded beef and sauce bursting out of there.


Excuse the crap pics.  Would you believe too much light was my problem today? In the sun was too much light, but then I kept getting shadows if I turned the other way.


I finished things off with a mini baked donut.  If Creative Loafing is talking about it, then I want to try it!

I really do hope the food trucks are here to stay.  🙂

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