How taxing!

by spiceaholic on April 17, 2011

Another April 15th come and gone.

As a CPA, I’m always happy to see that date in the rear-view mirror, but even though we tax people joke about it, the truth is, any month with a 15th in it has some kind of deadline.  So while things will slow down a bit, they will start ramping up again in late summer as we head for the fall tax deadlines, when all our extended returns are due.

But in the meantime, I can go back to some semblance of a normal life!

This tax season has been especially challenging for me.  Not only am I adjusting to my new role as a tax manager, but we were trying to find a replacement for my old position, we were trying to switch to a paperless environment, and we switched tax software.  Wowza.

So give me a day or two to rest up a bit, get over this sinus infection I got from my allergies, and I’ll be back and blogging!

See you soon!

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