Lopa’s Green Beans

by spiceaholic on April 10, 2011

Imagine whole green beans sauteed with caramelized onions, tomatoes, and aromatic spices.  Sound good?

These are actually my friend Lopa’s version of her mom’s green beans, but I decided to give Lopa all the credit! 🙂

I have had these green beans twice so far — once at our New Year’s lunch and the second time a few weeks ago when we got together to cook.  Each time I’ve vowed this will be my new way to eat green beans, they’re so good!

And here’s a little secret — green beans aren’t even one of my favorite veggies.  But I love these green beans.

I think you’ll love these too once you’ve tried them!

Lopa’s Green Beans



2 bags frozen whole green beans

1/2 of a 14 oz. can fire-roasted tomatoes, drained

1 red onion, chopped

1/2 tsp. each ground coriander, ground cumin, chili powder

1/4 tsp. turmeric

1 tsp. ginger paste

salt to taste



Take a large skillet and coat bottom with oil.  Heat over medium-high heat.

Brown the onion pieces until they start to turn golden brown.  Add ginger paste.

Add green beans and spices, stirring to combine thoroughly.  While the beans still have some crunch to them, add the tomatoes.  Cook to desired softness.

Add salt to taste and let everything sit for a bit to let the flavors mingle.

This tastes great fresh and cold.  It goes very well with both Indian and non-Indian food.  Enjoy!

Thanks, Lopa for the delicious recipe!

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