Lunch ‘n learn

by spiceaholic on June 2, 2010

Not only have we started a new month, but I started a new job.  Well, kind of.  To make it as simple as possible, our office and a sister office split off from the main company.  There has been all sorts of drama and stress related to this the past few months, including during tax season.  So the end result is that I’m working with most of my previous clients and with most of my previous coworkers, just at a new company and new location.

Our temporary offices are downtown, so this is a completely new commute for me.  This is only day 2, but I’m starting to think I will have to shift my schedule so that I leave the house by 7 to avoid most of the traffic.  Being downtown means that there are tons of restaurants nearby and no convenient shopping in case I forget to pack something.  So I REALLY need to plan ahead and pack food to take with me.

I did great with breakfast:

It’s back, my beloved breakfast sandwich!  I added some baby spinach to get a head start on my veggies.  Next time I will nuke the spinach along with everything else instead of adding it to my sandwich before I eat.  Raw-ish spinach is a bit hard for me to handle in the morning.

We had a lunch ‘n learn training thing at lunch so most of us headed downstairs to the cafe in the lobby of the building to grab lunch.  I think I did pretty well:

I got a black bean burger with the fixings and a salad to go with it.  I didn’t know the burger came with pepperjack, so I’ll have to remember that next time.  And I also need to remember to keep my own dressing at the office.

Lunch was good, but the training was a bit boring and I have to confess to dozing off a couple times.  It was one of those trainings where you’re watching a streaming video of someone showing you how to use the software.  I don’t learn well by just watching or being talked at — I learn better hands-on and with notes to refer to.

After it was over I was in dire need of some caffeine, so my office-mate and I slipped out for a quick coffee break.  Oh did I forget to tell you that I’m sharing an office?  😀  I shouldn’t get too used to it, who knows if we’ll end up in cubes once our permanent office is built.  Usually only managers and directors have offices, but they put two of us senior associates in an office.  Whee!

I got a tall, iced skinny caramel latte.  This was exactly what I needed.  But I can’t make this a habit.

Unfortunately, that’s all the food pics for today.  I kinda forgot to take pics of dinner.  Sorry!

But I do have a Chloe picture to share:

Guess she thought she was being sneaky, hiding behind the shower curtain!  That sideways head tilt is typical Chloe.  We call it her “huh?” look.

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brandi June 3, 2010 at 8:51 am

i hope things settle down soon! all those changes with work stuff aren’t fun, but at least you still have a lot of your clients!

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