May Madness, Part 2!

by spiceaholic on May 31, 2010

Busy busy busy, that’s me!

The last half of this month has probably been busier than the first half.  My parents came for a visit — I finally guilt-tripped them into it, since it seems like Mr. Spice and I are always doing the traveling.  🙂

My mom and I decided to invite a relative of ours that lives in the Atlanta-area over for dinner and I had one of my friends over as well.  Stupid me, I was so busy with the cooking that it didn’t occur to me to take a pic of the spread.  Bad food blogger, bad!!

But I can still tell you what we made!  I made spicy ground turkey kababs, chicken korma, salmon with spicy caramelized onion sauce (recipe will be posted soon), cauliflower and broccoli bhaji, and salad.  My mom made the pullao and some channa dal with zucchini.  For dessert I cheated and bought some mango/passion fruit/peach sherbet and mango key lime pie.  All this for 8 people.  Yes, there were lots of leftovers and it was great not having to cook for a few days.

One of the things we always do when my family visits is to head over to all the Indian stores.  Before the obligatory rounds of the boutiques, grocery stores, video/music store, and sweets store, we fueled up with some masala dosas.  These are a great favorite of ours, and a family visit isn’t really complete without eating some of these.


Mr. Spice and my mom ordered masala dosas. They came with sambhar, and 3 kinds of chutneys. The pic is courtesy of Mr. Spice.


My dad and I ordered Mysore masala dosas, which have a spice mix sprinkled inside. See where I get my spice tooth from? 🙂

I had a great time and enjoyed having them visit.  Maybe it should happen more frequently.  Hint, hint.  (that’s for you, Mom!)

Mr. Spice and I ended the month with a visit to his parents in Orlando just this weekend.  We drove down Wednesday night and got back last night.  It’s good to see family, but 2 weekends of it in a row might be a bit much.  🙂

Anyway, I got lots of relaxation in.  Thursday I was feeling a little under the weather so we just chilled out at his parents’ house.  Okay, we might have also taken a long coffee break.  We always get out for a little bit for some alone time and usually end up getting coffee, and then Mr. Spice hits up a cigar store while I veg out in a bookstore.   It’s practically tradition.

Friday, his dad had taken off work and Mr. Spice and I had done some Googling to find some places we could visit with his parents.  We ended up deciding on the Harry P. Leu Gardens, mostly because I saw that they had a butterfly garden and that sounded cool.

Well, the Florida heat and humidity soon took their toll and I was wilting away under the heat.  (Mental note — skip the jeans and find some capris to wear next time.  Or risk scandalizing his parents and wear a dress or skirt!)  But I managed to get some pics of the beautiful rose garden.  The butterfly garden was tricky since the butterflies didn’t stay in place long enough to get pics!





The gardens were beautiful and I’d like to go back again — maybe a less humid and hot time, if there’s such a thing?

Well, we drove back yesterday and got slowed down in the rain.  Check out our backseat passenger:


That is the cooler of food my MIL sent back with us. Score!! As you can see, Mr. Spice secured it so that the precious contents would stay in place all the way back to Atlanta.

And what did I do today?  Chilled, ran a couple errands, and got a sneak peek taste of the new spicy chicken sandwich that Chick-fil-a is rolling out next week!  Someone sent me a link to sign up online for a reservation to try out the new sandwich for free and of course I couldn’t resist!


I had to print out an invite that had my name and all that and had to wait in the special VIP line they had for everyone else that was trying the sandwich. I got a drink and fries to round out the experience.


Ohh yeah, baby! I liked it! I sometimes add hot sauce to the regular sandwiches, but I won’t need to with this. And contrary to popular belief, I do not eat my food HOT HOT HOT. No, there is a difference between liking a little heat and having food so hot that you’re crying in pain from the heat. I am no sadist, so the latter is not for me. This sandwich fit the bill. It’s not too spicy hot, but there’s a little kick to it. You can apparently order it with pepperjack cheese, but I didn’t.  The sandwiches are being officially added to the menu next week, if you guys are curious about them.

And that is that!  What a month it’s been!  I hope you all have had a great weekend!  See ya soon!

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