Movie Munchie Madness

by spiceaholic on August 2, 2009

Yes, I’m rather fond of alliterative titles.

Yesterday wasn’t one of my best eating days, but it certainly wasn’t my worst.

I had plans to go to a friend’s house around noon to watch Coraline with her and some other girlfriends. She was taking care of the sandwich stuff and we were bringing whatever else we wanted.

First things first — if you go grocery shopping when you haven’t eaten, then you’re asking for it.

Anyway, so here’s the lunch spread. I brought the Sunchips, the dark chocolate Reese’s cups, and the coconut M&Ms. By the way, those last two are officially my favorite candies for this week.

Now don’t be fooled by the plate I took. I had another half sandwich later on and we all were chowing down on chips and chocolate.

Later that afternoon a couple of us went to go watch The Ugly Truth. I liked it — very predictable, but it was fun to watch. Along with the eye candy on-screen, I had some Hot Tamales.

After the movie, I went grocery shopping and got lots of good healthy food for the week.

I’ve discovered that if I eat a heavy meal around lunch time/early afternoon, I really don’t feel like eating the rest of the day. That was the case yesterday. I didn’t get hungry again until after 10, while Mr. Spice and I were watching some tv.

Didn’t get a picture of it, but I had a Trader Joe’s Veggie Masala Burger on some light bread, with some achaar for taste. Then I had to make one for Mr. Spice since he thought it smelled really good. I was still hungry so I had some Sunchips. Okay and then a couple cookies later. I swear I’m going to freeze the rest of the cookies.

Anyway, so like I said, not one of my best days but not one of my worst either.

Today’s plans are up in the air, but I do need to do my assignments for a QuickBooks class I’m taking online and I need to fill out some paperwork. See you later!

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