Purple what??

by spiceaholic on October 14, 2007

Purple cauliflower, my friends.

I saw it at Kroger last weekend and was so intrigued by it. I usually buy frozen cauliflower because I can’t be bothered to actually wash and cut the fresh stuff, but this deserved a try.

Too bad I was too scared of it until today!

This is one of the Putifresh bento boxes I bought during my binge last weekend. At least I’m using it!

The left container has brown rice and some carne asada chicken from Trader Joe’s that I grilled up tonight. I poshed it up a bit by sprinkling some parsley flakes on top. Mom would be proud. 😀

The right container is a melange of colorful veggies. Carrot slices, grape tomatoes, edamame, and some steamed purple cauliflower. Looking forward to the looks at lunch tomorrow.

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