Spice’s Bites — Jan. 18, 2010

by spiceaholic on January 18, 2010

I think we should have 3-day weekends EVERY weekend.

Today was the perfect end to the weekend.

I lazed around in bed, finishing up another Agatha Christie novel.  I didn’t realize how many of these I had collected over the years, and I’m happily working my way through them, re-reading some.  The one I finished today was “Cards on the Table,” which I’d never read before.

Before I knew it, it was almost noon and I had stuff I wanted to do!

I started the day off with a pear and one of the blueberry scone-muffins I made yesterday (from a mix one of my friends gave me for my birthday).



My goals today were to do some groceries (I LOVE doing groceries, I’m such a freak), make the slow-cooker veggie soup that was in a Weight Watchers meeting flyer a couple weeks ago, and do some sort of exercise.

Once I stepped outside, I knew the exercise part was a done deal. It was absolutely gorgeous outside. I’m talking low 60s. Compare this to the icky cold snap we’ve had for the past few weeks, and you can imagine my happiness. I vowed I would take advantage of the weather and go for a walk later.

After I got home with the groceries, it was 3-ish and I was getting hungry. I wanted something quick since I needed to get started on the soup and because I was anxious get back outside. Never fear, Maruchan yakisoba noodles came to the rescue. These aren’t the ones that you find with the ramen noodles in the grocery store. These are refrigerated and I’ve only seen them in Asian grocery stores. Here’s another brand as an example:


They’re already cooked, so you just heat them up with whatever veggies or meat you want and add the spice packet. I added some frozen veggies to make it look somewhat healthy.


I chopped up the ingredients for the soup and dumped everything in the slow-cooker. My kind of meal prep! I don’t know if we’re allowed to post the recipe since it’s from WW materials and they’re kinda strict about stuff like that. But I guess if you emailed me I could tell you. 🙂



Next up was my walk. I love walking outside — I just need some background music and then my mind drifts off and it’s almost meditative. If the weather was like this year-round I would have no problems getting my exercise in. We now have a park next to our development that has soccer fields, a walking track, and a playground, so if the weather’s nice I like to walk there.

I was very happy to discover that since the last time I was there (a few months), they had installed signs saying how many laps was a mile AND they finally build a path from our development to the park. So no more having to walk the long way or cut through the construction and climb up a steep hill! The sign said that a whole lap was .46 miles, and that laps around the front and back portions were .28 and .32 miles, respectively. Some quick math told me that if I did 5 laps around the whole park I’d have a little over 2 miles. Score! I’d been wondering how many laps made a mile, so this makes things easy.

After my walk I decided to turn on the Wii Fit and do some yoga to stretch. I was reminded of how much I actually like yoga, I love feeling in tune with my body. Now I just need to work on doing it more often.

The rest of the afternoon and evening have just flown by.

For dinner we worked on the leftover slow-cooker beef curry I made yesterday. I didn’t post a recipe since it was very experimental. I’ll make it another time and write it up properly.


See my token veggies? I added them to add some more color to my plate. 🙂

Afterwards, my post-dinner munchies hit so I had a 1/2 cup of Parmesan and Tuscan Herb Baked Lays (new flavor) and 2 of the truffles my friends sent.


Today’s selections were the champagne truffle (mmm!) and the carmello noce, which has a caramel cream and ganache filling and is the one topped with the pecan.

The soup finally finished cooking, so of course I had to have a taste.


Not too bad! I plan on taking some of this to go along with lunch tomorrow and there’s plenty left for the next few days.

And now it is time for bed!  Good night!

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Priyanka January 19, 2010 at 2:13 pm

I am making a slow cooked black eyed peas soup for dinner tonight 🙂 I love the Maruchan lunch 😉

spiceaholic January 19, 2010 at 10:03 pm

Priyanka, that sounds good! I’ve never had black eyed peas.

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