Spice’s Bites: Jan. 2, 2010

by spiceaholic on January 2, 2010

I know I don’t do these daily food posts a lot, but I want to try to do them more often.  Knowing people are going to see and judge what I eat can be a good munchie-deterrent.  Plus the visual aspect of food journaling makes a bigger impact than just logging it online.

My biggest reason (after laziness) for not doing them is the convenience factor.  Remembering to take a camera with me everywhere I go just isn’t going to happen and I admit to enough self-consciousness that I don’t want to take pictures of my food around people. But that has now changed. Not to sound like I’ve totally drunk the iPhone Kool-aid (who am I trying to kid), but that sucker is so handy!  While the camera may not be the best, I can be a lot more discreet about taking pictures AND I can upload them to Flickr right away.  There’s even a WordPress app so I can update my blog and the Weight Watchers app means I have no excuses now not to journal my food.

What this means is that most of my excuses reasons for not posting daily eats no longer apply. The only thing really stopping me is my own laziness.

Anyway, so I gave it a try today.  And since I can’t trust myself to think of cute titles for every meal, I’ve decided it’d be easier to just post everything at once.

Now as I mentioned before, I woke up today with a food hangover and was not hungry for a LONG time.  When I finally was, I thought it would be a good idea to pay some food penance and start the day off with plenty of fiber.


This was one of the tangerines we picked last weekend in Florida.  It turned out to be one of the sour ones, so I only had 2 pieces and chucked the rest.  I made myself a fiber cocktail with some Fiber One, a Weetabix biscuit, a few cherry-flavored Craisins, and lowfat vanilla soymilk.

We have TONS of leftovers from yesterday’s lunch, so decided to make a tiny dent in them for lunch today.



I put together a quick salad with lettuce, carrots, cucumber, grape tomatoes, Italian dressing, and half a chicken andouille sausage (to help me choke down the lettuce!).   Also had some of the leftover baked rotini from yesterday’s party.


A little post-lunch treat!

We spent the afternoon being very lazy — my favorite way to spend an afternoon!  But we eventually decided to get out of the house for a little bit and decided to hang out at a coffee place for a couple hours.  We have a few Starbucks nearby and there’s this place called Octane near the Georgia Tech campus that we go to sometimes (they have the BEST vegan double chocolate chip cookies).  Haven’t really seen too many near where we live though, but we found one not too far away called REV and decided to try it out.   All the comfy armchairs were taken, but we managed to get a table and settled in with our respective drinks and books.

I tried one of their “mokahs” — Mr. Pnutt, which was a combo of mocha and peanut butter syrup.  Ehhh.   Not really worth the points.  I’ll try something from their tea list next time.  But it was nice and hot and kept me warm as I settled in with my mystery.

Eventually we made our way home and straight to the fridge for even more leftovers.  You’ll notice this theme for the next couple days.  🙂


I decided on a sausage roll, some more of the leftover baked rotini, some of the crockpot barbecue chicken, and some lettuce to add color and make it seem like I was trying to get some veggies in.

The main attraction tonight was some of the leftover cheesecake.  Remember, we were stuck with 2 trays of cheesecake samplers.  Luckily (or unluckily, depending on how you look at it) they both posted NI and I chose my dessert from the tray that was less of a calorie hit.


This one was “only” 220 calories and I got to have a whole slice as opposed to having half a slice from the other tray.

Now I probably won’t post daily calories/points tallies, but we will say that this was definitely over my allotment. I had planned for the sausage roll and cheesecake, but the mocha and pasta at dinner were unplanned.  But the main thing is that I tracked it all.

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