Spring has sprung!

by spiceaholic on March 22, 2010

I couldn’t stay away from you guys for too long!  Thanks for being so understanding about needing a little break.  🙂

Spring and fall are my two favorite seasons, mainly because we get a reprieve from the cold weather of the winter and the hot humidity of the summer.  Plus they are the seasons of change and it’s so fun to see Nature shedding and donning new clothes.

We had the perfect spring day on Saturday.  It was 70 and sunny and absolutely beautiful.  Luckily I was able to take full advantage of it, since our bosses were awesome enough to let us come in Sunday instead since it was going to rain.

I started off the day by visiting a local used bookstore that’s nearby and taking in a bunch of books.  But of course I ended up getting a few books, which is the whole point of going, right?  I know I should frequent the used bookstores more to support their business and so I can indulge my bookmania cheaply, but I don’t make it to the stores as often as I would like.   I used to work in one in college and LOVED it — being surrounded by books all day is my dream. And yes, I’ve also worked at the public library and enjoyed that as well.  How did I end up as a CPA?  I’m trying to figure that one out myself.  😀

The day’s eats started off well . . .

Two eggs fried in a little olive oil, some wilted baby spinach, and turkey bacon. The strawberries in the back ended up going into this:

I decided to make a not-so-green smoothie later in the morning. I used light chocolate soymilk, the strawberries, some frozen blueberries, and fresh baby spinach. And yes, those are some cookbooks in the back. Trust me, I have WAY more than that. It’s a little ridiculous how many I have.

Lunch was quick and simple — I did a one-pot wonder of hot and spicy Korean ramen, shrimp, and veggies. I drained off the water and added the seasonings since that’s how we eat our noodles around here.

After lunch I FINALLY succeeded in dragging Mr. Spice out for a walk. I tell you, this boy does not like going for a walk outside, but he caved after incessant nagging. We have lived in our place for over 4 years and all this time we have lived minutes away from the Silver Comet Trail and never taken advantage of it. I love walking outside — the treadmill is torture for me — and if I have a trail to walk on then I’ll happily enjoy the views. This trail is perfect – it starts off near where we live and continues on for over 60 miles into Alabama. I’m really glad we finally went out there, but I’m so kicking myself for not going earlier. I know part of it is that I was hesitant about going alone for safety’s sake, but I see no reason why I can’t go alone on the weekend, there were plenty of people there on their bikes, or with their kids or their dogs.

To make it up to Mr. Spice for the indignity of having to walk, we decided to check out this new frozen yogurt place in Vinings called Yoforia. The concept is great — it’s all self-serve. You grab a cup (they’re HUGE) and head over to the dispensers where lots of awesome flavors await you. I saw mango, green tea, pomegranate, dark chocolate, and Ferrero Rocher, among others. It’s all organic and low to non-fat. You pick which flavors and how much you want and then add the toppings you want. It’s all priced by the ounce, so you control how much you eat and pay. This place was packed so we had to take our treats outside to enjoy them.


I got the Ferrero Rocher and dark chocolate flavors, then topped them with fresh berries and dark chocolate chips.

Oh but that’s not the end of our treats. Next door to Yoforia was a cupcake shop! It was a sign. We entered Sweet Pockets feeling all sorts of giddy with excitement. Not only do they sell cupcakes, but also cute gifts made locally. It was hard choosing which flavors to try, but it was good to see they offered regular-sized and mini-sized options. Mr. Spice and I each chose a Midnight, which was chocolate with chocolate frosting, and then he chose a Starlight, which was a chocolate-chip cupcake with chocolate frosting, while I got a mini Lemon Sunshine.

In all honesty, these were so rich that we should have just gotten the minis only. It was the frosting that did us in, but now we know better. And yes, this is why I’m fat — frozen yogurt AND cupcakes in the same hour! 😀

We had a couple hours before our evening plans, so we lazed around in a sugar-coma. Then we had to get ready because we were attending a photo exhibit at a gallery in the Castlebury Hills neighborhood of Atlanta, to which neither of us had been. The person putting together the event, not the photographer, was a business acquaintance of Mr. Spice’s so we wanted to check it out. The photographer was so talented and we found ourselves mesmerized in front of quite a few of the prints, but alas they were WAY too expensive for us.

Our last stop was at my friend Laura’s birthday party at a bar called Universal Joint in Decatur. We’d been there for another friend’s birthday a few months back and were looking forward to the food. We don’t drink, so we have to have something else to distract us! The theme was VIP room and they’d taken the outside bar area and put up cordons, balloons, and a red carpet and everyone was dressed up! It was fun and it was the perfect weather for sitting outside and chilling.  We each got a burger and fries and I took a pic, but it was so dark outside by that point that you can’t see anything.  Just picture your favorite burger and fries and you get the idea.  🙂

What a perfect way to spend a lovely spring weekend!  I really hope we get more of these weekends, it’s so much fun to go exploring and just enjoy ourselves.

Hope you had a great weekend!

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Sweet Pockets:
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Ameena March 23, 2010 at 10:13 am

Is there anything better than cupcakes and Ferrero Rocher yogurt? Talk about an amazingly worth it combination!

And yes, I know what you mean about exercise…Ali considers walking 5 minutes to the grocery store enough exercise to last an entire week. Ridiculous!

Sarah March 23, 2010 at 10:29 am

The bowl of spicy noodles sounds good, I’m a carb hound! Add the word spicy to carbs and I’m drooling like my mouth sprung a leak!

My mouth watered at the lemon cupcake sighting! It’s the carb PLUS sugar thing going there!!!! 🙂

Sounds like your day off was good and a busy.

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