Stonyfield Farms Pajama Party!

by spiceaholic on May 24, 2011

Are you picturing a group of pajama-clad women squealing and giggling away?  Pillow fights perhaps?  Well, you got the first part right.

Brandi of Bran Appetit hosted a Stonyfield Farms pajama party in her hotel room after the RockHer Blogger Bash for a small group of us.  She had some exciting new products from Stonyfield Farms to share, so this was a great way to wind down from the partying earlier in the evening.

We took a break from all the squealing and giggling to sample some new frozen yogurt bars that are being rolled out at Whole Foods right now.  Vanilla and chocolate lovers will both be satisfied, don’t you worry!

These were both really good, but as a chocoholic I have to say I preferred the chocolate bars over the vanilla.  The dark chocolate coating really complemented the creamy chocolate frozen yogurt inside.

I am so buying these this summer.  It’s nonfat, organic, and it’s yogurt!  There’s no reason to feel bad about eating these.

Thanks again to Brandi and Stonyfield Farms for letting us sample the new bars!

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Sues May 24, 2011 at 9:40 pm

So much fun!!! I mean, the whole weekend was so much fun, really. Awesome meeting you!! 🙂

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