Tax Appeal

by spiceaholic on December 9, 2010

I know the thought of a whole day of tax updates just sounds SOOOO scintillating.

Trust me, it’s not.  But since I’m a CPA, I’m required to get in a certain amount of continuing professional education (CPE) hours each year.  And you guessed it, I’m going to be cramming them all in this month!  Way to go for procrastination.

So that’s how I found myself in a ballroom at a convention center yesterday, listening for 8 hours to tax updates for businesses.

A girl’s gotta do something to keep from losing her mind.

There was a lot of people-watching going on.  And a lot of looking forward to food.  When you’re at these all-day trainings, they feed you well. Probably since they feel sorry for us being bored out of our minds.

Let’s start with breakfast:

Typical conference/convention type continental breakfast spread.  I grabbed a garlic or onion bagel, some cream cheese, and apple, and Earl Gray tea.  I only ate half the bagel so I wouldn’t wipe out all my points at once.  The apple was good in a sweet and mushy kind of way.

I had a few almonds mid-morning that I didn’t get pictures of.

After constant email/Facebook/Twitter checking throughout the morning, it was time for lunch!  At this particular CPE, we get a fancy sit-down lunch instead of boxed sandwiches.  Yay!

Salad to start with.  I guess it was a mix-your-own salad kind of thing. I skipped the goat cheese and nuts and just nibbled at the rest.  I wasn’t in a salad mood and I don’t like goat cheese and nuts in my salad.

A very yummy cheesy roll.

The entree, which wasn’t too bad once I spiked it with salt and pepper.  Roasted chicken breast in some kind of creamy sauce over pasta and veggies. I took off the skin and and most of the sauce.

Their desserts are always awesome.  This time we had tiramisu — I only took about 3 bites and called it quits.

I always have a hard time staying awake in the afternoons during CPE.  I did lots of people-watching.  Luckily the three ladies in front of me kept me busy.  One gave herself a manicure, one was crocheting, and one was typing an article or blog post on her laptop which I tried to read over her shoulder.  What?  She wasn’t doing a good job of hiding her screen.

At our afternoon break I got up to stretch my legs and grab a snack.

This year one of the vendors was giving out popcorn.  Hot, salty, and crunchy sounded perfect, so I grabbed a small bag and paired it with one of the tangerines I had in my purse.

Once we were done for the day, I ran some errands and then Mr. Spice and I made dinner.

I would love to eat this every night!  Sirloin steak rubbed with my attempt to recreate whatever they put on those kababs we had in Xi’an  (not quite there, but it was good!), sweet potatoes with a little butter, and salad.

Look at what I found at Target:

How fun! I split one with Mr. Spice after dinner.

Creepy cute gingerbread children! Sadly, they were decapitated when I split the pop-tart with Mr. Spice. I liked these — the gingerbread taste was there, and the sugary frosting inside was just right. But I probably won’t make a habit out of eating these.

Some post-dinner chocolates managed to evade capture on camera as I worked on my Xi’an blog post.

That’s that!

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