The "can’t sleep" bento

by spiceaholic on October 26, 2007

What do most people do when they can’t sleep? Read, watch tv, close their eyes and hope that sleep doesn’t remain elusive for long.

Me? I pack my lunch. And then post about it.

Well, this might be the only time I’ve done it so far.

I kept seeing all these cute little collapsible sandwich boxes on various bento blogs and was intrigued by them. Intrigued meaning I trolled Ebay until I found one and before I knew it had clicked on “Buy it now!!” Wonder how that happened?

Anyway, I got this over the weekend but just haven’t had a chance to pack anything in it yet. It’s really neat , the sides collapse down and this bottom part fits neatly into the lid when you’re all done with lunch. Maybe if I’m motivated enough I’ll post some pics showing how it works.

So today for lunch I’ve got a rotisserie-style oven roasted chicken sandwich with lettuce, a clementine, and some sugar free double chocolate Jello pudding. I also packed a couple of the chocolate raspberry Milano cookies I found at Kroger this weekend. I noticed the hubby had opened them up and already finished half the bag, so they must be good. 😀

As you can see, the box is a pretty decent size. I was able to cut the sandwich in half and fit both halves in easily with room to spare. To keep the sandwich halves packed tighter, I stole a divider from one of my other bento boxes. Gotta love that early morning creativity.

I will say that packing my lunch in this box transformed it from one of those ehhhh sandwich lunches packed in sandwich bags and all tossed in a leftover plastic grocery bag into something far more appealing.

What can I say, I’m just a sucker for cute packaging.

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