Time off for good behavior

by spiceaholic on April 26, 2011

Ohhhh, I’m enjoying my time off!

I’m off starting from last Friday through next Monday and I intend to enjoy every day of it.  One of my good friends is getting married later this week, so I took a few days off for that and to see my parents.  Then since we had last Friday off for Good Friday, we decided to visit Mr. Spice’s parents for a couple days.  I figured I might as well just take off this whole week and enjoy it all in one go.

And I am.  It’s been a crazy 3 months at work and I just needed some downtime so I could re-charge and re-motivate myself.

I haven’t done a “what I ate today” post in a while, so here you go!

To get through tax season, I decided to try one of those eating out of a box diet plans.  It was great for the convenience factor and the food wasn’t too bad either.  Now if I’d actually followed the plan I probably would have lost more weight (4 pounds during tax season is great!), but really I just needed stuff that I could grab and go every day and have on hand so Mr. Spice and I wouldn’t eat out every night.  I know it’s better to not rely on processed foods, but when you’re working almost 60 hours a week, a girl’s gotta do what she’s gotta do.  Now that tax season’s over the plan is to eat more “real” foods, but I really did like quite a bit of the food, so you’ll see it here and there.


After the past few days of heavy Bangla-style breakfasts (eggs, parathas, aloo bhaji, beef curry), my body was really wanting a light breakfast today.  I had some low-fat granola, skim milk, and strawberries.  Perfect!


I’ve really been wanting seafood the past few days (probably in response to all the heavy food I’ve had), so I went for it at lunch.  I steamed some broccoli, made some instant mashed cheesy potatoes, and baked up a couple cajun-seasoned tilapia fillets.


I feel better when I have protein for snacks, so I decided to take some canned albacore tuna and mix it up with a little bit of mayo, mustard and spices.  I sliced some cucumbers to use as scoops on the side.

I should have known better than to break out the tuna.  I soon had a food stalker trying to get into my snack:



For dinner I really wanted to use up some stuff we had in the freezer and pantry.  What I was planning on was shrimp sauteed in garlic and olive oil, tossed with pasta and spinach.  I ended up doing the garlic and olive oil, then adding a can of diced tomatoes, half a bag of frozen cut green beans, spices, then the shrimp.  It got very brothy, so I just added the pasta to the pan to absorb some of the sauce.  Not bad, considering it was all spur of the moment.


Dessert time!  Sugar-free Jello with some lite Cool Whip.  Chloe likes Cool Whip too and kept trying to nose in on my dessert, so I had to get it out of the way.


I’d been looking forward to this all day — a thin mint crisp bar!  These are really good and really do taste just like the cookies.  At least with these, there’s some protein and fiber to make them better for you.

That’s it for today!

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