Valentine’s Day Eats

by spiceaholic on February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’m keeping this quick because I need to go to bed soon.

Breakfast this morning is not what I packed with me to take to the office.  It doesn’t take much to twist my arm into going out to grab a bite — I ditched my breakfast and ended up trotting to Chickfila in the cold drizzle with a coworker.

Did I tell you how addicted I am to Chickfila? I’m sure I have. I don’t do breakfast there often, but when I do I pretty much always get a spicy chicken biscuit. They keep me full for hours! And they should, given how many dang points are in them.

But the good news is I did get a fruit cup on the side. I’m sure I redeemed myself somewhat with that.

Lunch was late for me, so I’m glad I brought something I was excited about — leftovers from last night! The dijon-dill sauce tastes better the next day, I think. The strawberries didn’t get eaten, hopefully I’ll get to them tomorrow.

It was so cold and rainy today that fruit just didn’t sound good for my afternoon snack, so I heated up a slice of pepperjack cheese on a light bun with some hot sauce.

Instead of going out to dinner for Valentine’s Day, we opted to stay in and cook, just like we’ve done the past few years. On the menu for tonight was chili basil scallops (recipe will be posted separately), jasmine rice, and stir-fried spinach. And then some truffles (store-bought). Yum.  Oh and we might have snacked on some olives and rosemary-olive oil bread as we cooked.

I’m saving the food p0rn shot of the scallops for the recipe post. I’m a tease like that.

Okay fine, here you go:


Good night!

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Lopa February 15, 2012 at 9:48 am

Oh yum! I definitely want the scallop recipe! They look amazing!

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