Weekend wind-down

by spiceaholic on March 7, 2010

How was everyone’s weekend?  Wish it was longer?  😀

I’ve been naughty and not taking food pics, but I needed to take a little break.  Plus since I hadn’t done groceries last week and we were eating what was at home my eats were pretty boring. Not to worry, we did groceries yesterday so I should feel more inspired for this week!

I had to work for a few hours yesterday morning and since Mr. Spice was up I brought him to work with me to keep me company!  Hey, I didn’t force him, he willingly came along!

We decided to grab lunch afterwards at Panahar for their lunch buffet.  We have lots of Indian restaurants in the Atlanta-area, but as far as I know, this is the only Bangladeshi-restaurant so I try to go when I can to support my fellow Bengalis.  Plus their food rocks!  I love their vegetable dishes, which taste like home-made.   This was Mr. Spice’s first time and he liked it and now understands my obsession with it.

After lunch I convinced Mr. Spice to go to Trader Joe’s with me.  There’s one just down the street from my office and you’d think I’d take advantage of that, but I haven’t.  Mr. Spice hates going grocery shopping with me because I take forever and go up and down all the aisles oohing and ahhing over everything.  Yesterday was no exception and he had to remind me several times that I didn’t have to get everything at once, I could always come back.  Ruin my fun, why don’t you?

Turns out yesterday was one busy busy day.  We had plans to stop in at a birthday party for a former coworker of mine and then had dinner reservations to take advantage of Restaurant Week.  We made it to the birthday party but we agreed to reschedule our dinner since we were still full from lunch and they ended up feeding us at the party.

After all that running around yesterday, I needed to rest today.  I’ve been feeling worn out and run down all week and had a bad headache today.  I blame the wacky weather shifts we’ve been having.  It feels like I’ve been on the verge of getting sick the past couple weeks but I haven’t.  At this point I just wish I’d get sick and get it over with.

Anyway, that’s that!  It’s almost time for the Oscars — we’ll probably flip channels and catch parts of it here and there.

Good night!

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