“Woman, Make Me a Pot Pie!!”

by spiceaholic on January 22, 2007

No, my husband is smart enough not to say these actual words.  However, he is fond of those frozen pot pies — the ones with like 50 grams of fat in them, naturally.  When we were shopping for one of our “junk food and a movie” nights recently, he looked wistfully at the boxed heart attacks in a crust and remarked, “If you ever learned how to make pot pies, I’d love you forever,” or words to that effect.

 Now, of course I would NEVER take those words to heart, but I do know he likes them, and I figured it’s not a bad thing to learn how to make, especially since I can control what’s going in them.  I looked at recipes online, but I wasn’t interested in actually making the pastry part and a lot of the recipes just seemed so bland.  And then inspiration hit yesterday.

 We made a pot roast in our crockpot last week, and I’m almost embarrassed to admit that we still have a sizeable chunk of it left.  We get sick of leftovers after a couple days, but I figured we’d get around to eating the rest of it at some point.  I also had 3 boxes of those Pepperidge Farm pastry shells in our freezer — I think I bought them to make some kind of dessert or appetizer but never got around to it. 

*Side note — I loved it when my mom would make the pastry shells for company.  She’d take out the top and fill them with either spicy ground beef or potatoes and my sister and I would fight over the tops.

 Back to my inspiration.  So I figured I could save myself the trouble of making a crust and use up stuff that’s been taking up freezer space for months.  Besides, the shells can’t be quite as bad for you as the frozen pies.  Well that’s true if you only have like one of the shells.  Each one has 13g of fat!  I made my husband 3 mini pot pies, so it was less than the frozen ones, but still!

 So here’s my “recipe” for a single serving of mini pot pies:

 1 Pepperidge Farm Pastry Shell

 2 tbsp. of any leftover meat and veggies — I used leftover pot roast and veggies

Preheat oven to 400F.  Take out one of the pastry shells, and put on a foil lined baking sheet.  Bake for approximately 20 minutes, or until it gets golden brown.

 While the pastry shell is cooking, take your filling, heat it up, season however you like.

 When the shell is done cooking, use a fork to gently seperate the circular “top.”  You might get a few layers of warm, soft pastry that stick the top. You can either put it back in the shell or surreptitiously sneak them into your mouth.  Spoon the filling into the shell, and then either put the top back on, or else serve to the side.

Serve to one happy husband.

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Libby February 25, 2007 at 3:16 pm

I make a chicken pot pie without a recipe. Yours sounds delish. I get the shells that are next to the biscuits. I think they are Pilsbury.

Maria May 14, 2007 at 1:16 pm

Hey honey, i have a recipe for a chicken pot pie i can bring you the next time i see you. the pie crust is delish.

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