A sign of insanity?

by spiceaholic on July 3, 2008

As you know, I am easily seduced by the sight of a book in a bookstore, especially a cookbook.

And as you also know, I’m equally seduced by seeing a book on sale.

Quite a bad combo, because this means it’s very hard for me to resist buying something.

But that’s not the part that is worrying me, I’ve long reconciled myself to my bookaholism.

Okay so say you are looking at a book to buy and they have a huge stack of them. Do you just grab the first one or do you do like I do and paw through the pile until you have one that is the shiniest, cleanest, nonwrinkled one, even if it means you spend a good 5 minutes searching for “the” one?

Case in point — yesterday I was at Costco killing some time (what an odd place, you’re probably thinking). I spotted some cookbooks and after flipping through a couple and deciding I HAD to have them, grabbed what looked like 2 of the nicer copies and skedaddled to the cash register b/c I was in a hurry to meet the hubby for dinner. As I waited patiently and was soon the next person, I realized in horror that in my haste I had grabbed one with a torn dust jacket! No, this was completely unacceptable!

So back I went where I shit you not, I did spend at least 5 minutes going through the pile going, “No, this one is wrinkled, this one looks worn, the dust jacket is all weird looking,” until I finally found one that was nice, shiny, and clean enough for me. I was actually getting all stressed out about it. And once I got back in line at the cash register, I prayed that the cashier wouldn’t just nonchalantly toss it down the belt, which could possibly ruin the newness of my book. Luckily for her she didn’t.

See what I’m talking about? I totally sound like a crazy book lady.

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keararott July 3, 2008 at 3:02 pm

We must be “book sisters”.

I do the same thing. I have to have the pretties, most perfect book in the book.

And be gentle! No dog earing pages!

Spiceaholic July 7, 2008 at 5:01 pm

Yes! I get mad if people don’t treat my books properly.

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