Bento buying binge, part deux

by spiceaholic on October 28, 2007

So, I did a little shopping this weekend with a friend of mine. I seriously think I need some help!

I will say that I didn’t buy everything I saw that looked cute. I showed SOME restraint.

Let me explain a bit.

We went to that Discover Mills mall way the hell over in Suwanee/Duluth way up on 85. There is a Sanrio store, a Japanese goods store, and this store called Lydia’s Artbox. My friend likes Sanrio stuff, like Hello Kitty. I wasn’t expecting to buy anything in that store, but then I saw a couple boxes. And the price was right. And that wall was 50% off!! I only bought one box there — the square, aqua bottomed box with the pink plastic diagonal strip. At the Japanese goods store, I bought a couple bags to take my lunches in and a few boxes to sell on Ebay. I’d already bought one of whatever they had the last time I’d gone there (see previous post). At Lydia’s Artbox, I saw a display of “lunche box,” but nothing caught my eye, until I happened to glance at the back of the window display. Then I saw the Hello Kitty bento boxes I’ve seen everyone and their mom posting about that they found at Dollar Tree. I haven’t seen any at the ones I’ve gone to, and I’d pretty much resigned myself to having to get one off Ebay for an exorbitant price. I saw them at the store for 3.99 and was happy with that since I’d be saving on shipping. I also bought a couple extra to sell on Ebay as well.

After lunch, we decided to hit up Morning Glory, which I think is a Korean gift shop with the usual cute stationary, toys, etc. I’d bought a box at one of them before, but I hit the jackpot at this particular location. OMG. I think I really did squeal with delight at the sight of all the cute colorful plastic boxes. But I was good and only allowed myself 2 items: the double tiered blue box in the upper right, and the pink and orange mini side-dish set that came with their own carrying bag.

And then as a bonus, a package I’d been expecting from Ebay was waiting for me. That tiny aqua colored box on the upper left. For some reason, although the seller had posted the measurements, I hadn’t expected to be so tiny and deep. I thought it was going to be shallower and bigger. Oh well.

So I think it’s safe to say that I can cool it on buying more boxes for a long time. I’ll post pics of the rest of my collection soon.

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