Blogger’s block sucks!

by spiceaholic on January 23, 2012

I know, I know, I’ve committed the cardinal sin of blogging — NOT blogging.

Can’t blame jet lag anymore, can I?

It’s been a whirlwind past 2 months — Mr. Spice and I have visited 3 countries in that time, I’ve been busy with work, and I’m just trying to get back into the swing of things.

I admit to setting some unrealistic expectations for myself – I was going to have trip re-caps up within a week of returning from Kenya and Turkey, I was going to cook, then hit up family members for recipes when we were in Bangladesh, do a trip-recap of that trip, cook some more, and manage to fit in work and life somewhere.

I seem to have gotten stuck while working on the re-caps.  I think I just honestly got overwhelmed with organizing all the pictures and then writing about it.  Or maybe I wasn’t ready for the trip to be over.  For some reason, I felt paralyzed when I had the post open.  So I decided to quit pressuring myself and to wait to write when I felt ready.

And then I just got lazy.

To get myself back into the habit, I’ve challenged myself to post a “what I ate today” post Monday through Friday of this week.

Here are today’s eats:

Orange-ish protein shake mix blended with some fresh blueberries and baby spinach leaves. I don’t like eating first thing in the morning and end up eating breakfast when I get to work, but that’s like a 3 hour lag, so I try to at least have a protein shake/smoothie. I’ve been buying different ones from Diet Direct, but decided to try some Medifast ones after seeing my dad lose nearly 40 pounds on it. I don’t think I could follow the program (I like food way too much), but I’m just curious about how some of the foods taste, so you’ll see some random stuff here and there. Not a fan of this orange shake though, it’s got a weird aftertaste to it, so I’ve been trying to mask it by mixing things into it.

Breakfast, round 2. This was one of those Mondays where I was busy the second I walked into my office, and I almost forgot to eat the rest of my breakfast. A couple Morningstar spicy breakfast patties and a slice of Kraft 2% pepperjack. Can you tell I like protein for breakfast?

It was 1 pm before I realized that I hadn’t had lunch yet, and even then I wasn’t that hungry. Which probably wasn’t such a bad thing, considering how much I ate this weekend! It was grey and rainy today, so soup seemed like the perfect thing to have for lunch. I heated a can of beef, barley, and vegetable soup and then added some fresh baby spinach to it.

Since soup by itself usually doesn’t hold me really long, I packed a half-sandwich to go along with it. I ended up not being that hungry, so the sandwich came in handy later this afternoon. Trader Joe’s has this awesome asiago peppercorn sourdough bread, so I try to pick up a boule whenever we go. Love this stuff, it makes the best sandwiches!

Because today was just one of those days, I didn’t end up leaving work until 7:30! Needless to say, I was getting hungry by then. I have a bad habit of bringing food to work and then not eating it because I get distracted by something else. This Fage yogurt has been patiently awaiting its doom for the past few days and I finally got around to eating it! Paired it with some sugar-free blackberry jam for flavor.

Yup, that’s a salad! Something you don’t see me eat all too often — I have to be in the mood for them. Considering how little time it took me to prepare it, I may need to reconsider my no-salad stance and try to do more for dinner. Green leaf lettuce torn into small pieces, quartered cherry tomatoes, chopped up leftover Pollo Asado from Trader Joe’s, some shredded habanero cheese, salsa, and a couple crushed up tortilla chips made my kind of salad.

But wait, there’s more!

I was still hungry after the salad, so I made a quick quesadilla with some more of the habanero cheese and a habanero-lime tortilla from Trader Joe’s. Can you tell we went shopping there recently? 🙂

And last but not least, a little bit of dessert to end the night.

So what the hell is that cookie-looking thing in the front? It’s a Medifast soft-baked cookie. It’s probably one of the few items I’ve liked at first bite out of the stuff I ordered. I bought a few items off Ebay to see how I’d like them, since it’s obviously working for my dad. I’m still reserving judgment on the other items. Anyway, I was originally just going to have the strawberries and Cool Whip, but decided to give the cookie a try. Not too bad, to be honest — it tastes like an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie.

I think I’ve finally tamed the hunger monster, and with good timing since it’s time to go bed!

Hopefully by the end of the week I’ll be so sick of posting what I ate that those trip re-caps will look fun!  🙂

Good night!

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