*CLOSED* Krusteaz Holiday Cookie Party + Giveaway

December 12, 2016

How is it December already? Thanksgiving seemed to sneak up out of nowhere and here we are already on our way to closing out 2016. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We went to visit my parents and my sister was there as well so Baby N got thoroughly spoiled for a whole week. […]

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Butterscotch Chocolate Chunk Candy Cookies

October 29, 2016

I can’t stop eating these cookies! If you’re in the mood for cookies full of chocolate chunks, candy and butterscotch, you have to give these a try. Some fun facts about these cookies: They don’t have eggs in them – perfect for those with egg allergies and those of you who want to be able […]

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Crack Bars

December 11, 2012

Warning — I take NO responsibility for how addictive you may find these cookie bars, hence the name “Chocolate Chip Cookie CRACK Bars.” Do you need one more thing to add to the holiday dessert line-up or something to make for that holiday cookie exchange?  Look no further!  These chocolate chip cookie crack bars are […]

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Recipe Review: Saucepan Oatmeal Cookies

February 11, 2012

A simple oatmeal cookie recipe that uses a saucepan as the only bowl and doesn’t require breaking out the hand-mixer. Sounds perfect for me and my lazy tendencies, right? I’ve been having visions of making oatmeal cookies studded with dark chocolate chips and dried blueberries.  However, I’ve never made oatmeal cookies before, so I was […]

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Ginger Biscuits, interview with Theresa Romain, and a giveaway!

October 27, 2011

From the moment I read a draft of my best friend Theresa Romain’s novel Season for Temptation, I knew I was in for a treat.  Aside from sharing a warped sense of humor, we also share a love for Regency romance novels.   That’s why I was so excited when she told me that it was […]

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So Easy Pumpkin Chocolate-Chip Cookies

October 31, 2010

I had a couple of my girlfriends over for scary movie night last night.  To get in the Halloween and fall spirit, I decided to make pumpkin chocolate-chip cookies for dessert.  These are so unbelievably easy, there is no excuse  not to try these! So Easy Pumpkin Chocolate-Chip Cookies Ingredients 1 box cake mix – […]

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The cookie monster strikes!

July 31, 2009

I think I’m starting to remember why I don’t bake that often. It’s because I can’t stop eating what I’ve baked. 🙂 Anyway, today was another day of shopping and I did quite the damage. I went over my budget, but that was because I saw 2 really cute purses at Kohls. And don’t worry, […]

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A Short and Sweet Treat!

June 12, 2009

Don’t those look so tempting? I’m not much of a baker and when I do bake, it tends to be from a mix. It’s pretty hard to mess those up, but I have managed to do it a few times! Anyway, I felt like making cookies the other day and while I had the ingredients […]

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