Lazy Spanish Tortilla + Alexia Foods Giveaway

September 23, 2012

A former coworker of mine used to say he wasn’t being lazy, he was being efficient.  While we would usually argue back that it wasn’t efficient if it ended up taking us longer to figure out what he’d done, I do think he had a point. And as you know, I apply this principle to […]

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Egg Roll-Ups

February 11, 2012

A fun twist on French toast!  Tortillas and eggs cooked together and then rolled up for the perfect meal or snack on the go! These bring back memories of when I was little.  We called them “egg bread,” but I like the way “egg roll-up” sounds!  So simple, yet so satisfying — my mom would […]

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The Amazing Egg Bra!

November 2, 2010

I knew that’d get your attention! Remember the last time I tried making eggs in the microwave? I ended up with exploding egg yolks. Not today! I forgot I had a microwave egg poacher! Doesn’t it look kinda like a bra? So what you do is spray the cups (tee hee!) with cooking spray and […]

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An eggs-ellent start

April 19, 2010

It is so much easier to fall out of a habit than to get into one. A little over a month ago, I was in a good groove with getting up early to exercise, photo-journaling my food, and blogging. I’m hoping I can get back to that soon! 🙂 Before the eats, I have to […]

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The Curious Case of the Exploding Egg Yolk

February 28, 2010

Does this sound like someone was cooking eggs in the microwave?  Why yes, yes I was. Let me explain. Yesterday I used up most of my pans to make some food to take to a friend who just had a baby, as well as to make some food for Mr. Spice and me.  And after […]

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Flip-Flop Sunday

January 31, 2010

I hope everyone had a good weekend! Why flip-flop Sunday?  No, nothing to do with my favorite summer footwear, it’s far too cold for those.  I was referring to the outcome of some of my eats today.  Some I flipped over, some were flops.  Get it?  Hey, I’m trying with the titles. First up is […]

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Just a little something I threw together . . .

July 9, 2009

So I told you my phupi (dad’s sister) and her family were in town and were going to visit us last night. I was really looking forward to it — it’s fun to have my relatives come and visit me at my house, since I always enjoyed visiting them. Anyway, I think I went a […]

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Dinner is served!

June 15, 2009

It didn’t quite turn out as I’d planned, but I certainly had no complaints once I started eating. Okay, so what exactly am I eating? Starting clockwise from top right: Egg and potato curry a big blob of spicy mango pickle (achar) Okra with cumin and tomato whole wheat paratha (flaky Indian bread) Originally, I’d […]

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Getting back on track . . . and a BSI entry!

April 19, 2009

Ahhhhhhh, what a nice break I had! Got lots and lots of relaxing done and although tomorrow is the start of another work week, at least it will be a normal work week. Tomorrow will also mark the start of getting back on the weight loss wagon for many of us who were thrown off […]

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Spicy French Toast

March 29, 2009

Sunday mornings are a good time for me — I get to sleep in a bit, have some quiet time for myself while Mr. Spice sleeps away, and I usually end up making us both breakfast, which is something I never get to do during the week. This week’s BSI is being hosted by Mark […]

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