pantry/freezer challenge

New eats and sweet treats

March 3, 2010

Can you believe it’s already March?  I can’t.  I know the weather isn’t helping, we had snow AGAIN yesterday.  That’s like 3 times in the past 2 months.  In Atlanta.  Where it’s not supposed to snow.   In fact, Mr. Spice’s declaration that we can’t live where it snows and that therefore in the South we […]

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Such a waste

February 25, 2010

Wow, was my last post really on Monday?  I honestly didn’t realize how long it had been.  Sorry about that! I seem to have hit a lazy streak this week.  I’ve taken pics here and there but haven’t been consistent.   With longer hours and weekends looming on the horizon (March and April tax deadlines),  I […]

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Chocolate for breakfast

November 15, 2009

No day can turn out bad when it starts with this: I really am liking this eating out of the pantry/freezer thing we’ve been doing the past couple weeks. I’ve only spent like $75 in the past couple weeks. That’s easily what we would spend for one week. I’ll admit about $10 of the total […]

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Not just ANY peanut butter-jelly sandwich

November 7, 2009

This here is a fancy-like PBJ sandwich! As part of our pantry-freezer chuck it or eat it thing, Mr. Spice and I have been very good this week about eating what we have at home.  Well, last night we were sick of eating leftovers decided to treat ourselves and ordered a pizza.   But all in […]

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Time for a self-imposed pantry/freezer challenge?

November 1, 2009

Twice now in the past week I have pulled something out from the pantry to use for dinner and found that it expired in early 2008.  Luckily those dinner plans weren’t ruined, but it got me thinking what other expired delights lurked in my pantry, cabinets, and freezer. As I’ve mentioned before, I actually like […]

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