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Jhal Muri with Crispy Brown Rice + Attune Foods Coupon Giveaway!

July 29, 2012

There is a moving scene in the beginning of Jhumpa Lahiri’s novel The Namesake, where the protagonist’s mother, who has recently moved to the U.S. from India, is pregnant, homesick, and craving a taste from home. All alone in her apartment while her husband is at work, she rummages through the cupboards to come up […]

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My new toy!

March 10, 2012

I obsess over things.  It’s just how I am. My latest obsession was over my next camera.  I’ve been using a combo of my iPhone and my Canon PowerShot SX20 IS for a little over a year now, and it’s worked okay.  The iPhone is what I have with me all the time and the […]

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Out of Breath

June 7, 2011

The length of the football field loomed ahead of me. I can’t do this, I thought. We were wrapping up the 2nd day of boot-camp class.  After our warm-up lap and exercises, we made our way down to the killing athletic field and embarked upon a series of torturous exercises.  Push-ups, jump lunges, frog squats, […]

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Fortunately Friday

April 16, 2010

Round 1 of tax season is over!  Round 2 starts in August for the fall extension deadlines, so I have a few months of normalcy to enjoy. I took today off for some much-needed rest, so I plan to do a whole lot of nothing. Can I say how much I’ve missed you guys?   […]

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New eats and sweet treats

March 3, 2010

Can you believe it’s already March?  I can’t.  I know the weather isn’t helping, we had snow AGAIN yesterday.  That’s like 3 times in the past 2 months.  In Atlanta.  Where it’s not supposed to snow.   In fact, Mr. Spice’s declaration that we can’t live where it snows and that therefore in the South we […]

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Not my way to start the week

March 2, 2010

So remember how I was hoping Monday would be drama-free? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, what was I thinking? Nothing like finding out at 3pm that there are software issues related to what you need to get done that day. We were getting ready to have to manually prepare what we needed, but someone in that group performed a […]

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The Curious Case of the Exploding Egg Yolk

February 28, 2010

Does this sound like someone was cooking eggs in the microwave?  Why yes, yes I was. Let me explain. Yesterday I used up most of my pans to make some food to take to a friend who just had a baby, as well as to make some food for Mr. Spice and me.  And after […]

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Beautiful Blogger, that’s me!!

February 17, 2010

Really, I am not that conceited.  I promise.   🙂 I was so excited when I got this award from the lovely Priyanka of The Healthy Diary.   I love reading her blog because she focuses on healthy eating and making healthy Indian food.  Two thumbs up from me! While I have had plenty of opportunities to […]

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Flip-Flop Sunday

January 31, 2010

I hope everyone had a good weekend! Why flip-flop Sunday?  No, nothing to do with my favorite summer footwear, it’s far too cold for those.  I was referring to the outcome of some of my eats today.  Some I flipped over, some were flops.  Get it?  Hey, I’m trying with the titles. First up is […]

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Free for Friday

January 30, 2010

I was bad yesterday and didn’t post.  I got home from work and just felt too tired to post.  Sorry! Two good things — yesterday was 5 days in a row I got up to exercise in the morning and I think I was rewarded for this torture by having a 2 lb. loss at […]

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