“Happy Ending” Massaged Kale

May 15, 2011

Thanks to my friend Kelly for the dirty twist on the name! I felt like trying something new today, which is how I ended up with a bunch of kale and looking up different ways to try it.  I prepared it Bengali-style once for a BSI contest long ago, but wanted to do something else.  […]

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Mediterranean Grill – Wichita, KS

May 11, 2011

One of things I have come to appreciate about growing up in Wichita is its multicultural diversity. Among the various ethnic communities, the Lebanese community is one of the oldest and largest and its influence is very apparent around the city.  Especially when it comes to the Mediterranean restaurants in town.  It was here that […]

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Bulking Up

October 25, 2010

My lunch, that is. I go through phases where I buy frozen meals for lunch at work. I am currently in the middle of one of them.  I learned a long long time ago, that unless I add extra veggies to those meals, they won’t last me long.  I’ve also learned to not eat out […]

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Presto Pesto Pasta Salad

June 28, 2009

Say that five times fast! I have been quite the social butterfly this weekend! I had book club Friday night, Bunco last night, and this evening we’re going to a barbecue with some of Mr. Spice’s friends. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly our weekends get filled up in the summer. Anyway, it’s […]

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A semi-poshed up lunch

September 25, 2007

This is probably the most artsy/cute I’ve gotten with my lunches so far. And that’s not saying much! We have a bed of red-leaf lettuce on the bottom, 3 grape tomatoes in the upper left, 2 carrot matchstick flowery thingies in the center, and 3 Tyson Boneless Buffalo “Wyngs” in the lower right. Oh and […]

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