Mexican Turkey Chorizo

May 5, 2012

I’ve been a bit obsessed with Mexican chorizo lately.  What’s not to love about it?  It’s spicy, tangy, and goes oh so well with cheese. In fact, the last few times I’ve been out for Mexican food or brunch, I would say there was once instance where chorizo was not involved. Clearly it was time […]

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Sauce of Desperation

February 21, 2011

Jarred pasta sauce is something I always have in my pantry, along with a bazillion boxes of pasta, for those need-something-in-a-hurry type dinners. I know, I know, it’s better to make your own and so easy.  But let me be honest here — it may not take long to make, but it takes longer to […]

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Fast-forward through Friday

February 27, 2010

Usually I look forward to Fridays, but yesterday couldn’t end soon enough for me! We had a big project to work on yesterday for one of the clients I work on and it involved both the tax and accounting groups, and of course there was lots of last-minute drama. Breakfast was a hurried affair, which […]

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Slowly getting back on track

January 21, 2010

It’s getting there. My eating is slowly getting back under control.  Slow and steady progress, I need to remember it’s  not a race. I weighed in today and had a .2 lb loss.  Last week I stayed the same.  It’s still progress!  I have to remember that with my body it takes like 2 weeks […]

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Spicy Supreme Pizza Pasta Sauce

April 26, 2009

The idea for this sauce came to me at the most random moment — as I was in the middle of my torture session at the gym yesterday. Weird, I know. Anyway, I’d bought some hot Italian turkey sausage a few days back and was trying to figure out what exactly I should make with […]

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