That’s more like it!

March 13, 2010

I think I found my missing fruits and veggies from the past couple days!  Wohoo! Had to work for a few hours today, but first I had to pick up my beloved Zoom-Zoom from the dealership.  Yes, I have a Mazda. Real original name, huh? I took it in for an oil-change and somehow that […]

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Must be Monday . . .

February 22, 2010

Because I wish it was still the weekend!  🙂 We had the most gorgeous weather this weekend and I took full advantage of it — my legs are making me pay today!  I already wrote about how I attempted a Couch to 5K workout on Saturday.  Yesterday my legs were in agony but I couldn’t […]

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 14, 2010

I hope everyone has had a great Valentine’s Day! We kept it low-key this year like we do every year. We don’t usually do gifts and we put a stop to the flowers a while back since it’s such a rip-off. Once upon a time when we were dating and newly-wed it was more of […]

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A snacky kind of lunch

October 20, 2009

I keep saying now that tax season is over it’s time to get back on the weight-loss wagon.  Although this lunch may not look 100% healthy, it’s probably a lot better than what I had been eating the past few weeks.  Baby steps! Oh and yes this is yet another new bento box.  It’s a […]

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BSI entry: Sweet Strawberry Samosas

March 15, 2009

When Laura at Hey What’s For Dinner Mom announced this week’s BSI ingredient was strawberries, my mind immediately went to work on ideas. I had so many I wanted to try, but knew I needed to pick something that was fast and reasonably reliable. I immediately thought of a sweet samosa. For those of you […]

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