Chicken, fish, or beef?

by spiceaholic on December 3, 2010

Quick post today since it’s almost midnight, yikes!


What have I done to my oatmeal? I made it savory this morning — I added 2% pepperjack, some cajun seasoning, and hot sauce to it. If only I could make it look as great as it tastes.

It’s like a sausage patty sun! The office dinnerware is not very food blog friendly, all blah colors.


Trying to be creative at work. I took 2 small low-carb tortillas, baby spinach, and a pepperjack cheese stick to work, where I had a frozen grilled chicken breast lurking in the freezer. I nuked up the chicken and then made myself chicken, spinach, and cheese quesadillas for lunch with a tangerine on the side.

We had a company-wide meeting this afternoon, with our NJ office in town for the meeting and tonight’s company holiday party. We got to leave early to make ourselves pretty for the party and I had some baked chips on the way home after getting my eyebrows did – trust me, they needed it. No pic, since I was driving.

The company holiday party was a lot of fun! It was great to finally meet our NJ office peeps and put faces to names. The food was excellent too. During cocktail hour, I just had diet coke and sampled a chicken satay skewer and some fried shrimp skewer.

Here was what was for dinner — I had no idea what was going to be served until then. I was trying to be sneaky about the pics, so not the best quality.

First course was the lobster tarte tatin, which is fancy for lobster on a pastry crust.  🙂

This picture does not do justice to the beauty of this petite filet.  Very tender, and the potatoes rocked!

I love dessert samplers!  I had the strawberry salad and the chocolate molten cake.  No milkshake shooter for me, since I’m allergic to bananas!  But I’d say the cake did plenty of damage on its own!  Thank goodness we get beaucoup de weekly points on the new WW program!

Time to get to bed! I’ll work on the rest of the China posts and hope to post them throughout the weekend, so stay tuned.

Good night!

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