Daily Bites – 12/10/13

by spiceaholic on December 10, 2013

How are we already this far into December?

Breakfast part 1 — Carnation Breakfast Essentials chocolate malt packet with 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk. (same pic as yesterday!)


Breakfast part 2 — Nutrisystem turkey sausage and egg muffin.  I usually add a slice of pepperjack, but forgot it this morning.


Lunch — I brought lunch, but as usual was easily talked into going out with some coworkers!  I ordered a blackened chicken sandwich on a wheat bun and got sweet potato fries on the side.  This kept me pretty full all afternoon, so no need for a snack today.


Pre-dinner — a pear


Dinner — I wasn’t sure what I wanted.  At first I thought I would cook, but felt too lazy.  I prepared a Nutrisystem fettucine alfredo cup and nuked up some broccoli and frozen grilled chicken strips to go along with it.  Told you these come in handy!


Dessert — Christmas cookie ice cream! It’s sugar cookie flavored ice cream with chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, and sugar cookies, candy cane sprinkles and green icing swirl. Can you smell the sugar from there?


Some Facebook friends and I are participating in a holiday gift exchange. There’s one for us and one for our fur-babies. Chloe got her package today! She was a little hesitant at first, but ended up loving her gifts!  She especially liked playing with the ribbons that came with the boxes and loved chasing her new feathered toys.



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