Egg Roll-Ups

by spiceaholic on February 11, 2012

Egg Roll-Ups

A fun twist on French toast!  Tortillas and eggs cooked together and then rolled up for the perfect meal or snack on the go!

These bring back memories of when I was little.  We called them “egg bread,” but I like the way “egg roll-up” sounds!  So simple, yet so satisfying — my mom would take tortillas, dip them into egg, and then cook them in a frying pan until the egg had cooked.  I don’t think we necessarily rolled them up, sometimes they were folded into wedges, halves, or “unrolled.”  True to my spiceaholic roots, I would add hot sauce to mine!

For some reason I’ve been craving these all week, so in homage to those long-ago Saturday mornings with hours of cartoon-watching, I gave in this morning.

Egg Roll-Ups


2 large eggs, beaten

2 burrito-sized tortillas

cooking spray

salt, black pepper to taste

sliced green chilies (optional)

shredded cheese (optional)


1. Coat a frying pan with cooking spray and heat over medium heat.

2. Once pan is heated, carefully pour half the beaten egg mixture and tilt pan so bottom is coated by egg.  Immediately place a tortilla on top of the egg mixture.

3.  Let egg cook, pressing the tortilla into it.   Once the egg has cooked, carefully flip so the egg side is on top and the uncoated side is on the bottom.  Heat bottom of tortilla through, then remove to a plate and roll up.

4.  If you’re being brave and adding the sliced green chilies, I would add them to the egg right before you add the tortilla.

5.  If you want to add cheese, I would sprinkle the cheese once you’ve flipped the tortilla so the egg side is up. The heat from the bottom of the pan will melt the cheese.


You are not limited to tortillas — parathas can also be used for a more decadent taste.  Add some beef or chicken kababs before rolling up for a more substantial meal.

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