Fast-forward through Friday

by spiceaholic on February 27, 2010

Usually I look forward to Fridays, but yesterday couldn’t end soon enough for me!

We had a big project to work on yesterday for one of the clients I work on and it involved both the tax and accounting groups, and of course there was lots of last-minute drama.

Breakfast was a hurried affair, which consisted of a Cara Cara orange (my new favorite, alongside clementines) and a Zone bar.  Yeah, yeah I know it’s better to eat real food instead of bars, but I like to have a few handy for emergencies.  And it combined chocolate with vitamins and protein, so it can’t be all that bad?  😀



Do any of you rely on “nutritional” bars or protein bars? What brands do you like?

The drama erupted around lunch-time and I had to cancel plans to have lunch with a friend. In retrospect, I probably shouldn’t have made the plans to begin with, but oh well. So I raided my freezer stash at work for something quick and filling.


Okay so this Lean Cusine pizza wasn’t as filling as I needed it to be. I ended up nuking up a camera-shy veggie burger afterwards and that did the trick.

The afternoon was busy busy busy and my lunch kept me going the whole time. We finally got to a good stopping point around 6:30 and I was the only one left working at 7, so I decided it was time to go. We got done with most of what we needed, the rest we have to finish on Monday. *sending pleas for no drama on Monday*

Now normally after a hectic and stressful day, the idea of cooking would be repugnant to me and Mr. Spice would suggest we grab something out in order to salvage his sanity and mine. But I really really needed to cook. I had been looking forward to it and knew it would help release some stress for me. So I commissioned my sous-chef/Mr. Spice to have everything ready to go when I got home.

And this was the oh so delicious result:


I sauteed some chopped green peppers and onion in olive oil, then added some crumbled hot turkey Italian sausage. Then I added a jar of Trader Joe’s marinara sauce and let it all cook together. In the mean-time we boiled up some rigatoni and then added the sauce to it. This so hit the spot after a rough day at work.

And you know what made it even better? Some of the super-secret ice cream I’ve been eating and not taking pictures of all week.

The sad truth is I’ve been eating it out of the container and feel like a loser taking pics of that. It is SO good. I decided I wanted REAL ice cream, not low-fat, not low-sugar, not fake ice cream. So I got some Publix brand Chocolate Trinity ice cream, which is dark chocolate ice cream with fudge ribbons and mini-chocolate cups. Pure heaven. And I’m not sharing. Something else I’ve realized is that because it’s the real thing and so rich, I don’t need to eat as much of it to satisfy myself as I would if I were eating low-fat or low-sugar ice cream. Food for thought.

I hope you all have a great weekend! 

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