FoodBuzz Festival 2010 – Day 2 – Gala Dinner and Taxicab Confessions

by spiceaholic on November 10, 2010


And so we come to the end of my adventures at the 2010 FoodBuzz Festival.  Because of my flight time I had to miss the farewell brunch on Sunday, so I made sure to make the most of Saturday evening.

After stuffing myself and then some at the Tasting Pavilion, I decided I needed some quiet rest time in my room before that night’s gala dinner.  I walked back with Trish of Dish by Trish, but neither of us were quite sure how to get back, having relied on some vague directions.  Luckily we made it back just fine!

My feet were aching and I wanted to take a nap, but I was just so wound up from the whole day that I didn’t want to lie still.  So that’s when I took all the swag bag pics!

I wasn’t sure how everyone was getting to the Ferry Building for dinner, so thanks to the magical powers of Twitter, I found out that though it was walkable, most people were going to take cabs.

Remember when I said there were like 10 cabs in all of SF on Friday night? Yeah, I think about half of them were around on Saturday.  It took forever to get a cab.  At one point we even got yelled at by a cabbie that he wasn’t available!  What made it harder was that there were 5 of us, so we were looking for the holy grail of the cabs — a van or mini-SUV.   Finally the doorman found us a cab.

Let’s just say when you have 4 people squished in the backseat in varying contorted positions, you get to know each other REALLY well. I think the only thing holding me up was my butt squished against the door.  Good thing it’s huge! 😀

We finally made it to the Ferry Building, where we joined everyone in a pre-dinner cocktail hour.

Then FINALLY it was time for dinner!



What a stunning location for the dinner! I can see how this would be a popular spot for a wedding!


The eats:




The beet tart was smooth and creamy, the red beets sweet, and the basil puree the perfect savory foil.


These were hands down some of the best scallops I’ve had.  Perfectly cooked and such a great complement to the fennel.  It was my first time trying fennel, and I was very pleasantly surprised!



Confession:  I’m not really a lamb person.  I can do it in gyro form, but usually don’t enjoy it other than that.  They were serving a pescetarian option and had I known, I would have opted for it.  But since I didn’t know, I decided to quit being a baby and just try to enjoy the lamb.  I’m glad I did.  I cut a teensy piece and let it sit in my mouth so I could concentrate on the flavor.  Yup, there was that “lamby” taste I usually don’t like, but once I got over it wasn’t too bad!  The butternut squash puree was a sweet contrast to the savoriness of the lamb and the mushrooms.


Oh this dessert! The combination of the figs, oranges, sabayon, and the cake was just the perfect ending to this meal.

It wasn’t just the food that made the night special, it was the people.

My dinner companions included Mara, Liz, and Jenna.


Just a couple of the awesome bloggers I met this weekend:


Laura of Hey What’s For Dinner Mom?


Azmina of Lawyer Loves Lunch.

I met so many amazing people this weekend!  It gave me such a sense of belonging to be with people who are as passionate about food as I am.  I have so many great memories.  Looking around the table at dinner and seeing everyone bust out their cameras to take pictures of their food made me feel normal for once.  Watching someone savor that first bite and seeing an expression mirroring the one on my own face.  Finally meeting someone after exchanging emails and tweets and feeling like you’ve known them forever.  This is what I will remember.  And this is what will inspire me to keep blogging and to hopefully make it back next year!

Thanks, FoodBuzz for putting together such a fantastic weekend!  And to all my new friends — I’m so glad to have met you and I sincerely hope we keep in touch.

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Trish November 11, 2010 at 6:20 pm

We had some good times this weekend. Totally forgot about the taxi cab ride until you reminded me 🙂 It was go great meeting you! I look forward to following you. Take care

Holly November 11, 2010 at 9:15 pm

awww i LOVE those bloggers! i hope you had such a fun time hanging out with them – it was great to meet you!!!

spiceaholic November 13, 2010 at 2:12 pm

@Trish – that was the funniest cab ride ever!

@Holly — it was great meeting you too!

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