Free, not calorie-free

by spiceaholic on February 11, 2010

Repeat after me:  free food does NOT equal license to pig out.  Repeat, repeat, repeat.

The morning started off well — I did a 45-minute WATP workout and had my usual breakfast sandwich.


I’ve been trying a couple different brands of the sandwich thins, and I don’t think I like the Nature’s Own version. It seems dry and crumbly. But it also does not have high-fructose corn syrup in the ingredients, unlike the Arnold’s brand. Hmmmm.

Today we had a couple company peeps visiting from other locations and we had lunch brought in from Corner Bakery so we could chitchat with them. Corner Bakery has awesome food, but it’s very challenging to eat light there, and I miserably failed the challenge. No pics since the whole office was eating together and this was not the time or place to whip out the camera or phone and take pics. We had sandwiches, chips, salad and dessert, and my plate reflected all these items.

And then the building management dropped off this beautiful box of treats for the office for Valentine’s Day. We got oreo balls, turtle cheesecake bites, and toffee squares. I was full from lunch, but I felt compelled to check it out and try stuff before other people put their hands all over it. Didn’t like the first two items, but oh my god was the toffee square good! It had a saltine cracker bottom, this gooey toffee-ish layer, and then chocolate on top.

Serves me right for being such a piggy. My tummy was not happy after all this.

But of course I was hungry again around 5, so I broke out the last of my Sargento light string cheese.

I snuck out of work a little early since I had an appointment at 6:30 and traffic was looking nasty. I just barely made it on time, and my eyebrows are no longer looking so scary!

Dinner for me was a frozen spicy chicken patty cut up over salad with spicy ranch dressing.


And even though it’s freezing outside and inside the house, we decided we wanted some frozen desserts. Publix’s brand of ice creams and frozen yogurts is really really good, and when they were on sale a couple weeks ago we took advantage. Mr. Spice got Neopolitan ice cream and I got Raspberry Roadrunner frozen yogurt.


It’s white chocolate frozen yogurt with raspberry puree and mini chocolate-raspberry cups. Sooo good. And don’t worry, this is a small bowl — my ice cream scoop measures 1/4-cup scoops.

So what was my lesson for today?  Just because it’s free doesn’t mean I have to eat it.  Just because it’s free doesn’t mean I have to be a piggy and eat a ton.  I’m a very externally-cued eater, so when I see others eating or there’s food around it’s very hard for me to ignore it.  But recognizing that is a step, and I’m all about baby steps.

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Priyanka February 12, 2010 at 9:10 am

I agree its all about baby steps. Although I would forget about my baby steps if that Toffee square was to be anywhere in my sight!

Ameena February 12, 2010 at 1:13 pm

My dad would totally disagree with you…since it is free you MUST get your money’s worth! Love my dad but sometimes he is just nuts.

The toffee square looks absolutely worth every bite.

katecooks February 15, 2010 at 4:04 pm

this can be SO hard to remember! i have work lunches a lot and it can be really hard to be good. especially when my boss orders every dessert on the menu for the table to share!!! i try to balance it out by eating REALLY healthy whenever i eat lunch not bought by my office. and, unless i am craving it more than anything, i try to avoid the assembly line table of sweets we have at my job. once i start, i just keep returning for more!!

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