Gators and grub

by spiceaholic on October 20, 2009

That about sums up this weekend!

Don’t worry, no gators were consumed as grub and neither of us ended up as gator grub!

I had this past Friday off so we decided to drive down to Orlando and visit Mr. Spice’s parents since we didn’t get to see them for Eid in September. I took off yesterday for the drive back and today for myself.

The first few times we would visit his parents after we got married, the weekends were filled with visits to their friends’ houses or dinner parties at their house. Not very relaxing for us, although that is how they spend their weekends. We’ve insisted the past couple years that we don’t make any plans and that we just hang out. They might mind a bit, but I also think they welcome the break since it’s hard work socializing so much!

Anyway, this weekend the weather in Florida was PERFECT. Usually the humidity hits you like a brick wall, but this time it was not humid and oh so pleasant. To take advantage of the good weather my father-in-law had originally suggested we go fishing on Saturday. I wasn’t so keen on it but luckily we came up with another alternative — go fruit picking!

Of course when you think of Florida you think of oranges. But depending on the time of year, there’s also strawberries and lychees among other things! We had come a little too early for tangerine season but decided to go check it out anyway. I don’t remember the name of this place, but it was out in Clermont, if that sounds familiar to anyone who lives in the area.

Our timing was such that we had either just missed picking season for some kind of citrus or were too early, but we decided to see what we could find anyway and found a bunch of tangerine trees that were almost ripe, so we went for it. We figured they’d ripen further once they were picked. We managed to fill a 1/4 bushel bag with tangerines and then my father-in-law wandered off and came back with some huge pomelos while my mother-in-law and I tried to find some fresh lemon leaves.

While they were paying, I looked around the gift shop area and saw different types of local honey for sample and sale. I tried the wildflower honey and the orange blossom honey and liked the orange blossom the best and ended up buying a big jar of it.

Here’s the loot we brought back to Atlanta with us — we took a little less than half of what we picked. I definitely want to go back when it’s berry and lychee season!



Sunday there weren’t any set plans, so my hubby and I decided to check out Gator Land, which isn’t that far from where my in-laws live. If you’re ever in the area I definitely recommend you check it out! They of course have tons of gators, including some rare white-skinned blue-eyed alligators, as well as a petting zoo, breeding marsh, and a swamp to walk through. Oh and I better not forget all the freakin’ huge birds that flew overhead constantly — did I mention I don’t like birds flying over my head?

Here are some highlights from Gator Land.




We drove back yesterday and of course my mother-in-law had cooked up a ton of food for us beforehand and sent us home with a cooler full of yummy eats. I didn’t take pictures since they’re in baggies and opaque containers, but she gave us beef curry (for me), goat curry (for Mr. Spice), shrimp, morog pullao (chicken and rice), elish maach (a Bengali delicacy, it’s a type of fish), and I’m sure some other goodies. I think she had given me a raw papaya too, but I think we forgot to pack it. Let’s just say that we’ve got enough food to eat for quite a few days or weeks if we freeze it for later. I’m a lucky girl! 🙂

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christie @ honoring health October 20, 2009 at 11:55 am

I love picking up local honey when I travel. It is always such a nice reminder when you open it up and use it on lovely things 😀

spiceaholic October 20, 2009 at 8:22 pm

I can’t wait to use it!

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