Let’s play catch-up

by spiceaholic on October 14, 2007

I got really caught up with work last week, since it was right before the October 15th deadline. A mini-tax season, if you will.

I didn’t pack lunch a lot last week because I was coming home late and I was too lazy in the mornings.

This is the only one I managed to at the beginning of the week. Look how colorful it is!

Left container has edamame, mini beef tacos from Trader Joe’s, meatless chicken nuggets from Trader Joe’s, and a very anemic-looking vegetable croquette I got at H-mart last weekend. The right container has mandarin oranges and fresh strawberries. God those were some yummy oranges.

Confession time. What I didn’t say was that last weekend I descended into yet another level of bento mania. While browsing through yet some more pics of other people’s lunches, someone mentioned having gone to the Japan Fest in Atlanta a couple weekends ago and then scoring some bento boxes at a nearby mall. So I got the bright idea (obsessive thought) of heading out there last Sunday. And since I was going to be all the way out there I’d hit up H-mart and Trader Joe’s, neither of which is near little old Smyrna, where I live.

I definitely hit the jackpot last weekend. I was in Discover Mills and found a Sanrio store and then 2 other stores selling Japanese goods. The second store is where I scored three 2-tier Putifresh bento boxes, a 1-tier Putifresh box, some food picks, a couple little Buddha figurines for the hubby and me, and some Almond-crunch Pocky. I asked the cashier if they had more boxes, he said they get shipments once in a while. Yayayayy!! Then he asked if they were for my kids. Ummmm. I don’t have kids, but I was dressed a bit frumpy, so I will forgive him. 😛

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