Lunch, eat, and repeat

by spiceaholic on July 8, 2010

Well, hello there!

I’m making this quick so I can start my book before bed.  🙂

I think you know what I had for breakfast:



I had quite the dilemma-nade about lunch today.  I packed the same thing I had yesterday for lunch and was all set to eat it, when all of a sudden, visions of the turkey shwarma sandwich from Kameel’s Cafe began haunting me.  Damn, that shwarma is good (shwarma is basically the Middle Eastern equivalent of gyros). But the nasty heat and not wanting to spend money ended up changing my mind.  So I had what I brought.  And didn’t take a pic.  I decided if I still want it tomorrow at lunch time then I’ll get it.

Probably as a result of not eating what I really wanted, I felt snacky throughout the afternoon.  I was washing strawberries for my snack when some of my coworkers came in with birthday cake.  So I took a small piece.


And then I got hungry again around 5.  I remembered I had some Twix left from last week, so I decided to finish it off.  Stale Twix is not as good as fresh Twix, must remember that.

After work I made use of my 3-day guest pass at the gym and did the recumbent bike for about 30 minutes.  Very convenient, having it downstairs!

For dinner I felt like junky food, so I let Mr. Spice have the leftover Indian food from a couple days ago and I treated myself to some store-brand mac and cheese in a box.  With the gooey cheese sauce.  I know, fine dining!  I mixed a little canned chili into it, but wished I hadn’t.  I don’t know why I thought buying this stuff would taste good.

That’s it so far!  Almost bedtime.

Here’s another Chloe pic, for those of you who like them.  This was taken last night.  I am still a little skittish around her, especially when she’s in a pouncy mood.  I tend to hide my feet when she’s around, but Mr. Spice explained that I’m making it worse since now she thinks it’s a game when I hide them.  So last night I kept my feet on the floor when she came around.  She came over, sniffed them, licked them, rubbed her head against them, and then plopped down for a cat nap between them.  And then she flipped over and did her weird suspended leg thing and proceeded to nibble on my feet.  And then I yelled and hid my feet again.  🙂

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