New Year’s Day Lunch 2011

by spiceaholic on January 12, 2011

See, I told you I would start catching up on my posts!

New Year’s Day 2011 marked our 4th annual New Year’s Day potluck lunch.  I have so much fun doing these, it’s a great way to start off the year with friends and food.

We had a little less than 20 people show up, not including 3 cute little babies (there was a baby boom last summer with our group of friends!).  It was a big crowd, but the mix was good.  I’m so glad that while my parents were visiting, we rearranged our furniture so that now it was way more conducive for mixing and mingling.

Here are the eats:


Big picture view of the food, details to follow with the individual pictures. Starting from 12 o’clock: chicken samosas (out-sourced), green bean bhaji (made by my friend Lopa), sausage rolls, salad, chicken pullao, and macaroni and cheese (Stouffer’s).  I usually do the main dishes and parcel out side dishes, appetizers, and desserts.


These chicken samosas were amazing! We discovered this hole-in-the-wall Bangladeshi cafe while my parents were visiting. I probably would never have gone in, but they were advertising certain items and my parents decided to give it a try. I’m so glad they did. These were some of the best samosas we’ve had, hands down. And they do catering! I decided to order a bunch of them for the party and picked them up Friday before the party. All I had to do was reheat them on Saturday and watch them get gobbled up. Keep an eye out for a future post on it!


Lopa’s mom’s green beans. Soooo good. I’m not usually a green beans fan, but I will definitely eat them like this! I think the key is the caramelized onions, they really do wonders for vegetables.


Sausage rolls. These weren’t as good as the ones I’ve made before. I usually make them with these pre-cooked chicken andouille sausages from Costco, but they were out when I went to go buy them! I’m really hoping they were just sold out and not discontinued. I love those sausages! Instead, I had to make do with turkey kielbasa and it just wasn’t the same. But anything in puff pastry will taste good, so it wasn’t a total miss.


Salad from a bag, enhanced with some fresh tomatoes. Nothing fancy. I was preparing all the food the day of the party, so I need a couple no-brainer items.


Chicken pullao. I needed a main dish that would be easy to make for a big crowd, and I knew this would work. All I did was take boneless skinless chicken thighs and cook them in water with some garlic and ginger paste and a spice mix. Then I took the chicken out, measured how much stock I had, and then cooked my rice in it, mixing the chicken in once it was cooked. Ta-da!


Stouffer’s Mac and cheese for anybody who didn’t eat meat or didn’t like Indian food. I got all fancy and sprinkled some of the Progresso Lemon-Pepper panko breadcrumbs I got from Progresso and MyBlogSpark. One day I will attempt to make mac and cheese from scratch!


Here’s one of the appetizers: spinach and artichoke dip, made by my co-worker Sandi.  This was so good, there was nothing left in the serving dish at the end of the party!

I flaked out on pictures of the desserts.  We had quite the selection: a fruit tart, fruit salad, our friend Bonnie’s amazing chocolate cherry croissant bread pudding + bourbon ice cream, cupcakes, and cookies.


Chloe giving me the “how dare you invite all these people over to MY house??” look.

I’m already looking forward to next year’s lunch!

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Priyanka January 13, 2011 at 12:37 am

Are cats very territorial? My friend has a cat and she growls not meows (which one would normally expect) when someone comes to her house.

Amazing eats!

spiceaholic January 16, 2011 at 6:18 pm

Thanks, Priyanka! I don’t know if cats are territorial. Chloe pretty much hid in our bedroom upstairs once people started showing up, so not sure if she’s typical or not. 🙂

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