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by spiceaholic on August 20, 2010

Lunch is so much more satisfying when it’s visually appealing. You eat first with your eyes, as they say.

I go through periods where I find myself relying on frozen meals more than I’d like. One of the problems I have with them is that they just look so pitifully skimpy once you’ve heated up your meal. Luckily I’ve got some good tricks up my sleeves to not only make them look more appealing but to make them more filling.

First, the tricks of the trade:

My handy-dandy Laptop Lunchbox! I packed one compartment with fruit, one with baby spinach, one with baked chicken, and one with sliced turkey which I used at breakfast.

Next, the before:

The baby spinach, chicken, and a Smart Ones frozen meal.

Now, the after:

Hello, lunch! I cooked the meal according to the directions, and after the first round where you stir it and put it back for a minute, I dumped it in a bowl with the spinach and chicken.  Some crushed red pepper poshes it up a bit more. That looks so much better than eating it out of that tiny plastic black tray. Someone even asked if I’d made it.  No, but I made it look better.  🙂

Here are some other lunches I packed this week, since I was too lazy to post each day.

Couscous, chicken, broccoli, and fresh berries. I steamed the broccoli at work and added the couscous and chicken towards the end to heat them up.

Pretty much the same lunch except for mixed fruit instead of berries.

Even though these lunches look blah and boring, just they way they’re packed makes them look more interesting. And plenty of seasoning helps take care of any blahness while eating!

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katecooks August 24, 2010 at 7:57 pm

i am trying to eat less frozen meals but i still keep some lean cuisines in the freezer for work-lunch emergencies. aka, too tired the night before to prepare something. the only one i like is the three cheese ravioli pasta with veggies, and i always add mushrooms, red pepper flakes, fresh basil and goat cheese. it makes it taste like a REAL meal!!

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