Playing games with myself

by spiceaholic on June 15, 2006

So right now there’s a Twix bar in my purse.  I know it’s there, and it knows I know it’s there. 

I also know that I put it there. 

 I fell prey to the $.59 32-oz fountain drink thing at QuikTrip and while I was waiting in line to pay, a momentary weakness led my eyes to the candy by the register.  Not only am I a spiceaholic, but I am also a self-proclaimed chocolate-whore.  Having only let dark chocolate or skinny cow ice cream sandwiches pass my lips this week, the evil side of me immediately started craving the sugary stuff.  And so I found myself snatching a Twix bar and paying for it before I changed my mind.

That was about 3 hours ago and it’s still in my purse.

I know I should have the grapes or peach I brought with me, but they won’t compare to the seductive layers of chocolate, gooey caramel, and crunchy cookie bar. 

At 3:55 I decided if I waited 20 minutes and still wanted it, I could have it. It’s now 4:20 and I’m still holding out.  I might wait to 4:45 to see if I still want it.  Who knows. 

But isn’t this teasing just making the inevitable worse?  Shouldn’t I just eat it and get it over with? Or will that put me into binge mode?  And shouldn’t I be good today because this weekend will be filled with friends visiting, eating out, girls’ nights in and all that?

These are the questions I must answer before I allow myself to take that first bite.

 So I’ll keep waiting until I’ve answered them.

And in the meantime, that evil Twix bar will continue to taunt me from the confines of my purse.

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n June 15, 2006 at 6:27 pm

Evil Twix!

Cathy February 20, 2007 at 1:43 pm

Oh yes. I am familiar with this situation. The Twix bar in your purse, taunting you, never letting you forget it is there waiting to be inahled. There will be no chewing or crunching by the time you succumb to its will, for you will be consumed by the mind numbing need to get it into your stomach. Calories and fat be damned! You work hard for your money, if you want to spend it on candy then by golly, you will! Oh yes, I have been down this ugly broken road myself. You will get answers, but they will come to you as you are picking the caramel out of your teeth and wondering why the Twix has that intoxicating hold on you…

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