Pumpkin Pancake FAIL

by spiceaholic on October 25, 2009

I think I knew this wasn’t going to end well for me.

I woke up wanting to try the pumpkin doughnuts from either Krispy Kreme or Dunkin Donuts, but tried to talk myself out of it since neither is really close by and it’s cold and I’m lazy today.  Oh and since I managed to gain back whatever I’d lost over the summer, probably not a good idea.

So I thought I would make pumpkin pancakes instead.

It all started off well — it should have been foolproof since I was just doctoring up Bisquick!

I followed the recipe on the side of the box and added some canned pumpkin, sugar, and pumpkin pie spice.

So far so good.

We really need a flat griddle for the stove for making pancakes and parathas, but all I had that was clean was our big Calphalon frying pan (wedding gift, no way could we afford it otherwise).  I have a huge-ass T-Fal non-stick pan that I would rather have used since I can use cooking spray on it and not mess it up, but alas I used it last night to make dinner and it was soaking and I didn’t feel like washing it.  So I figured I’d just use a little oil in the other pan and it’d be good.

Okay, fine, whatever.

Now I am a very klutzy person and this is especially more pronounced in the morning.  Why I attempted something that required even an iota of manual dexterity and coordination, I have no idea.

I have to be honest, the first batch wasn’t too horrible — they weren’t nice and round and I was just going to call them pumpkin panplops and be done with it.


The next batch, there was still a little bit of oil coating the pan, so I went ahead and started them off.  But didn’t realize the pan was nice and hot and so I should have lowered the heat.  I realized this as I turned the first one and it was too well done for my liking.  By that time the other three had run into to each other, creating Siamese triplets.  I tried to laugh it off and decided to try again.


Usually third time’s the charm, but in my case third time was utter colossal FAIL.  I didn’t put any oil in the pan this time and boy was that a mistake!  I just gave up at this point.


Besides, it’s past noon and I might as well just heat up last night’s leftovers and have lunch.  Hopefully I won’t mess that up!

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