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by spiceaholic on August 11, 2009

I got so used to having my whole days free that I’m having trouble getting back into a schedule! This will be quick, since it’s almost 10 and I need to get to bed soon! (Yes, I’m lame and go to bed early, I like getting my sleep in)


As usual, I took too long getting ready to get ready and had to grab something easy for breakfast. I had Honey Nut Cheerios, with a sprinkle of hazelnut chocolate chunk biscotti granola (From Target!), light vanilla soy milk, and orange juice.

And I packed an awesome lunch for today, but ended up going out for lunch — I figure it’s good work karma to get to know people your first week and go out for lunch, so I said yes when someone asked me. We ended up going to a nearby food court at a mall. Everything looked good but I headed straight for Subway and got one of my favorites — 6-inch turkey and ham, with pepperjack, spicy mustard, and veggies. Got the combo, so it came with a drink and some Baked Lays too. I looked at the daily specials and was excited to see mine was the special of the day – only 3.99! Yeah, then I get to the register and the guy reminds me that was Monday’s combo, today’s Tuesday so no cheap combo price. Boo. Oh well.

Around 3:30 I got hungry again — that’s like my magic snack time at work, without fail I get hungry right around then. I remembered I’d bought a Luna bar the other day so I had half of it — it was my favorite flavor, Chocolate Raspberry.

On the way home, I had to run an errand but was getting a little hungry. Good thing I’d pulled out the baby carrots from my lunch! I need to remember to do that as an evening commute snack if I get hungry. I can chomp away my frustrations and get in a veggie serving.


After I got home, I boiled some pasta and heated up some leftover sauce from this weekend. Nothing fancy, just some ground turkey I cooked up and seasoned (part of my stash that I bought a few weeks ago), and then added some jarred pasta sauce that needed to be used up. I added some fresh spinach leaves to mine, and then topped off with some parmesan/asiago/romano and crushed red pepper. I put some spinach into Mr. Spice’s bowl because he’s been sick and I thought he needed some veggies. Of course he ate around it and totally wasted it. Sigh.

While eating dinner we decided to watch a movie. Of course I wanted something to much on later on, so I had a few of the coconut M&Ms. I’m very pleasantly surprised that I haven’t finished the whole bag already.

And that is it for now!  See you tomorrow!

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Nabeela August 12, 2009 at 11:04 pm

I looked for the coconut m&m’s at Longs Drugs yesterday…but couldn’t find them 🙁
I’ll keep on looking though, they sound too good to be true 😉

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