Tardy to the Party – FoodBuzz Festival Day 1

by spiceaholic on November 9, 2010

It’s one thing to be fashionably late. It’s a whole other thing to just be really freakin’ late.

But I promise it wasn’t all my fault.

The decision to go to the FoodBuzz Festival was kind of last minute and was compounded by another problem: I was pretty much out of vacation days, meaning I was going to have to time my flights precisely.

What this meant was that in order to minimize my time off from work, my flight getting into San Francisco on Friday got in at 5:24 pm.

And what time was the Welcome Reception and Street Food Fare supposed to start? 6 pm. Uh huh.

By the time I got my luggage and got on the shuttle to the hotel it was already 6. And it was one of those shuttles that has stops at different hotels, and of course mine was the 2nd to last one. Fabulous. All the meanwhile I’m frantically checking Twitter for #fbzfest updates, checking the clock, and praying that the shuttle driver didn’t hit someone or get us in an accident. I finally get to the Sir Francis Drake Hotel at 7, check in and do the fastest transformation job ever, only to have to wait like 20 minutes for one of the 10 available cabs that night so that I could get a ride to that night’s events, since I’d already missed the party bus to the Fort Mason Center.

But I finally made it. Better late than never!

Even though I’d missed the welcome reception and foodie gift exchange, the street food fare portion was still going on strong. I was a little overwhelmed with all the people there that I didn’t know, so I walked around Herbst Pavillion a bit to take it all in and see what food to hit up first since I was starving.

That’s a whole lotta pork from the folks at Roli Roti!

Same pork in sandwich form. I confess, as good as it looked, I couldn’t bring myself to try it. I don’t really do pork in pork form.

But luckily I found one of these from Curry Up!

Figures the South Asian chick would bee-line towards the Indian food! Thanks, Curry Up Now!

I am painfully shy in huge crowds and around people I don’t know, so I was glad to have found some friendly souls right off the bat, like Anjali of The Picky Eater! 🙂 She and some others pointed me towards some great stuff to try.

Like this amazing gumbo!

Some of the best toffee ice cream ever!

And . . . cupcakes!

I had one each of the vanilla, pumpkin, and horchata mini cupcakes. By this time, I had found Mara of What’s For Dinner and was informed that there was a crew from Food Network filming where we were standing sampling the goods from Mission Minis. They were there to film an episode of Cupcake Wars and were interviewing people. Our group was filmed, but I don’t know if we’ll be on it!

By now, things were winding down and I was very ready to get back to the hotel for some rest. It had been a long day, but the fun was just beginning!

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Biz November 9, 2010 at 6:42 pm

Sorry you got in late, but jealous you got to go!

Maybe I’ll be able to go next year! 😀

spiceaholic November 13, 2010 at 2:15 pm

@Biz — I hope to see you there next year!

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