Things that make me smile

by spiceaholic on October 14, 2010

I just know you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to the past few months.

Here’s a hint: T-A-X-E-S

Being a tax accountant is very taxing (pun SO intended), and so any remaining brain charge left at the end of each day goes into driving myself home and mentally preparing myself to do it all again the next day.  Life as I know it is put on hold since I can barely hold a coherent conversation and am very stingy with any free time, most of which is spent in various slug-like positions involving mindless TV.

What about weekends, you ask?  No such thing — given the amount of work we have to do and the time we have to do it in, working at least one day during the weekend is a must and when it gets down to the last couple weeks before each tax deadline, I usually work both days on the weekend.

But even though I feel like I’m working non-stop and I’m always stressed out, there are moments of happiness and things to look forward to.

And so, here are a few things that have made me happy/excited/smile lately:

  1. Tomorrow is October 15th!  That’s the last big deadline I have this year! Yay!
  2. The beautiful weather — if only I could capture this feeling, not too hot, not too cold, just perfect.
  3. Our wedding anniversary — it was September 18th, and our 6th anniversary.  I didn’t have to work that day, so I got to spend it with Mr. Spice and enjoyed every moment of it.
  4. Getting to spend some time with my little sister when she was in Atlanta for work earlier this month – we ate a lot, laughed a lot, and drove my husband crazy with our craziness.
  5. A sleepy, purring kitty next to me — I’m so glad we got Chloe.  Even though she still thinks my feet are things to attack, there’s nothing like having her all curled up beside me purring away as I pet her.
  6. I’m going to the FoodBuzz Blogger Festival in November!   I didn’t win one of the Nature’s Pride ambassadorships, but decided to go anyway.  Mr. Spice is the one who encouraged me to go, even though I was hesitating because of the costs and scheduling.  I can’t wait to meet fellow food bloggers!
  7. Mr. Spice! Even though he’s been crazy busy himself, he’s put up with my crabbiness and there’s always been plenty of hugs to go around.  I like him.  🙂

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Maha October 14, 2010 at 11:41 am

I’m so honored to be on this list! And I’m happy to hear you are still going to the food blogger conference, that sounds like it will be an amazing experience. What a great idea to create a list of things that bring you happiness, to combat stress and negativity. Rock on! 🙂

Theresa October 14, 2010 at 4:54 pm

I love this post! You rock for looking at the positive through all these tiring weeks. Almost to the 15th…hope you have a great weekend off, and enjoy the beautiful weather!

Sandi October 15, 2010 at 3:31 pm

Wow – I am SO impressed that you have a positive post on 10-14!! Here’s to a long weekend AWAY!!! 🙂

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