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by spiceaholic on February 21, 2009

No no, nothing depressing or heavy, don’t worry!

I’ve had this feeling for a while that I want to change my blog up a bit. I took a step by changing the template and that helped superficially.

But I want to do more with it. When I started this blog, I purposefully kept the focus on bentos and cooking because I didn’t want it to be all over the place. I’ve been lurking on a lot of foodie blogs lately and I’m discovering that the ones I like don’t have specific purposes and are all over the place, but in a good way. Yeah sure, the theme might be eating healthy or whatever, but you’ll see pics of what the blogger ate that day, recipes, random musings, etc.

I had an earlier blog at that had more of that format and then when I got interested in bentos I thought I would start over here. And now it seems like I want to go back to the other format so I’m wondering what to do next — somehow merge this current blog with my former one or just create a new one altogether?

I’ve also been thinking about moving my blog to wordpress or getting my own domain. As you can see, I’m all over the place!

One thing I will promise is that no matter what I decide, I won’t try and be pretentious about what I write. What you see on my blog is what you get. I’m not trying to be witty to impress people, I’m writing what I feel. And I’m going to quit caring that my site may not get as many hits or comments as others. If you like it, fine, if you don’t, whatever.

Another thing I have to “confess.” I recently made the decision to quit dieting and to learn to accept myself as I am while living a healthy lifestyle. To that extent, I did end up starting another blog that deals more with that journey. I was trying to keep the two blogs separate at first and even went so far as to create a different username for myself on the new one. I don’t know why I did that. I think at some point the two will have to converge, given the path I’m on. But if you’re interested, my “feelings” blog is

So to get to the point, stay tuned for some changes! 🙂

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